Cristalbox Keratin Hair Mask – Deep Repair for Dry, Damaged Hair



Treat your hair to some much needed TLC with the Cristalbox Keratin Hair Mask. This intensive hair treatment works to deeply nourish, repair and revitalize damaged, over-processed hair that’s dry, brittle and lackluster.

Repairs Damage and Dryness

The Cristalbox Keratin Hair Mask is specially formulated to provide concentrated conditioning that repairs damage and restores health to your hair. It contains a reparative complex that works on a molecular level to fill in gaps and splits in each strand, leaving hair stronger, softer and more resilient.

Dry, damaged hair often lacks proper moisture and protein balance. This hair mask is enriched with nourishing botanical oils and proteins that penetrate the hair cuticle to replenish what’s been lost. Your parched strands will be quenched with hydration to achieve touchable softness and supple strength.

The Power of Keratin

Keratin is the structural protein that makes up much of the hair fiber. It gives hair its strength and elasticity. When hair is damaged, keratin can break down causing dry, brittle hair that easily snaps and tangles.

This hair mask contains keratin proteins that bond to your hair, filling in depleted areas. The keratin reinforces and rebuilds inner structure to make strands pliable and less prone to breakage. Your hair will have renewed strength and elasticity.

Natural Botanical Ingredients

In addition to keratin, this hair mask is loaded with natural botanical oils and butters to drench strands in nourishing moisture.

Shea Butter – Deeply moisturizes and softens hair while boosting shine. Provides nutrients essential for healthy hair growth.
Coconut Oil – Seals in moisture and prevents protein loss. Its medium-sized molecules are able to penetrate the hair shaft for deep hydration.
Argan Oil – Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E to nourish hair, boost elasticity and add luminous shine. Helps repair damage caused by styling and environmental factors.
Aloe Vera – Contains enzymes, vitamins and minerals that repair damage, condition and stimulate growth. Its antioxidant properties help protect hair from UV damage.
These natural ingredients work synergistically to provide a spa-like hair treatment right at home.

Deep Hydration for Healthier Hair

This indulgent hair mask drenches thirsty strands with intense moisture and nutrition for visibly healthier, more vibrant hair. It hydrates at the deepest level to revive dry, damaged hair.

The creamy mask formula coats each strand, sealing in moisture. Your parched hair will soak up lasting hydration and improved manageability. No more battles with frizz and tangled ends!

With continued use, the hydrating mask will strengthen and restore hair from root to tip. Keratin reinforces while the nourishing botanical oils penetrate to replenish nutrients for shinier, softer and more supple hair.

Usage Tips

Apply a generous layer to damp, clean hair after shampooing.
Concentrate on damaged areas and ends. Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute.
Put your hair in a shower cap and let the mask deeply penetrate for 15-30 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly and follow with your favorite conditioner.
For extra dry hair, use 1-2 times per week.
May be used on all hair types including processed, colored and keratin-treated hair.
Treat your tresses to some extra pampering and see the rejuvenating results. The Cristalbox Keratin Hair Mask brings damaged hair back to life with transformative conditioning. Renew moisture, softness and strength for hair that looks and feels its absolute best. Add this intense hair masque to your regimen for hydrated, healthy hair.


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