Cremo Premium Barber Grade Matte Finish Molding Hair Clay for Men, 4 Oz



Get the strong yet flexible hold you need to create any hairstyle with Cremo Premium Barber Grade Matte Finish Molding Clay. This professional-grade styling clay is specially formulated to help you achieve a natural, textured look with a matte finish and movable hold that lasts all day.

Whether you have short, medium or longer locks, our molding clay has your styling needs covered. It allows you to create messy, undone textures or spike up shorter styles while still being pliable enough to restyle throughout the day. The matte finish gets rid of unwanted shine for a trendy, lived-in look.

Strong Yet Malleable Hold for Versatile Styling

While most clays and waxes leave your hair stiff and crunchy, our premium sculpting clay was designed for movable hold with memory. It keeps your desired style in place without flaking or hardening up. The pliable sculpting clay lets you reshape and restyle whenever you want, for salon-quality results at home.

You can use it to add height and definition, spike up the fringe, create a side part or slick back an elegant combover. Apply it to slightly damp or dry hair and style away. The strong hold stands up to high humidity and active days yet still washes out easily with shampoo.

Matte Finish That Looks Natural

The matte texture blends right in for a natural look, not stiff or overly shiny. It gets rid of greasy buildup and eliminates frizz even in thick, wavy or curly hair. The clay leaves zero flakes or sticky residue behind either.

Thanks to its natural matte finish, the molding clay works for any style or setting from the gym to the office. It lets you sport an edgy, messy, just-out-of-bed look for casual days or a sleek side part for business meetings. The clay keeps unruly hair under control without looking like you tried too hard.

High Quality Ingredients

Cremo Barber Grade Molding Clay achieves its superior shaping ability with premium ingredients like:

  • Beeswax to control frizz and flyaways
  • Bentonite clay to add grip and a matte texture
  • Hydrogenated castor oil to nourish hair
  • Vitamin E to reduce damage from UV rays

This dermatologist-tested formula is paraben free and never tested on animals. It’s made in the USA to the highest standards for professional quality right at home. The clay has a fresh, masculine scent for all-day confidence.

How to Use

Apply a small amount to dry or slightly damp clean hair. Warm it up in your hands first before distributing through locks.
Use more product for increased hold and definition. Less product provides a natural, undone look.
Style as desired by spiking up, sweeping to the side or slicking back.
Reapply to areas as needed throughout the day to maintain hold.
For best results, finish with a hair spray for extra anchoring strength.
Wash out at end of day with shampoo and style again the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the clay leave any stickiness or residue?

No, the premium molding clay contains no waxes or oils that leave behind greasy buildup or flakes. It washes out easily after one shampooing.

Does it work for curly hair?

Yes, the sculpting clay can help define curls, reduce frizz and provide light hold without crunching. Be sure not to overapply.

Is the clay easy to apply and style with?

The clay spreads smoothly through hair and can be manipulated into any shape. Simply warm it up in your hands first before distributing through locks. It styles easily even for beginners.

What’s the matte finish like?

The natural matte texture eliminates grease and shine for a modern, understated look. It’s not completely flat but rather adds a touchable texture.

Can women use the styling clay too?

Absolutely, the molding clay works great for shorter hairstyles on women as well. It provides definition and hold without stiffness.

Premium Molding Clay for Versatile Styling

Take your hair game to the next level with Cremo Premium Barber Grade Matte Finish Molding Clay. This high performance sculpting clay allows you to create any hairstyle from perfectly undone to elegantly polished for a fresh look every day.


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