Cremo French Lavender Moisturizing Shave Cream, Treat Your Skin to an Indulgent Shaving Experience (2 Pack)



Lather up with the amazing skin soothing properties of Cremo French Lavender Moisturizing Shave Cream. This rich and indulgent shave cream envelops your skin in lavender-scented moisture for a close shave that leaves skin soft, smooth and irresistibly touchable.

With its impossibly slick formula, Cremo Lavender shave cream glides effortlessly over skin to provide a protective moisture barrier between razor and skin. This enables the razor to glide smoothly for a clean, close shave that prevents nicks, cuts and irritation. No more razor burn or bumps! Just skin that looks and feels ethereal.

What makes Cremo Lavender shave cream so effective yet gentle? An astoundingly effective combination of high quality moisturizers and skin conditioners. Macadamia seed oil softens skin while aloe vera soothes and calms. Calendula extract reduces inflammation while lemon extract helps restore suppleness. Papaya extract gently exfoliates and olive leaf extract calms redness and irritation.

This rich botanical infusion works in harmony with the lavender essential oil to indulge your senses in a spa-like shaving experience. Breathe in the heady floral aroma as you smooth on the luxuriously thick cream. No airy foam here – just concentrated moisturizing ingredients to cushion skin for the closest shave imaginable.

The result is silky smooth, touchably soft skin with zero irritation, bumps or razor burn. Just a clean, super close shave and a lasting scent of fresh lavender.

What you won’t find in Cremo Lavender shave cream are any harsh chemicals or preservatives like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde donors, or animal byproducts. Cremo Lavender shave cream is vegan and never tested on animals.

With this 2-pack of 6 oz tubes, you’ll have a 90 day supply of Cremo Lavender shaving cream on hand. One tube lasts up to 3 times longer than the average shave gel or foam.

Treat yourself to the gift of amazing skin and an indulgent sensory experience each morning. Lather up with Cremo French Lavender shave cream for a daily escape that leaves skin irresistibly touchable.

Indulge Your Senses for Smoother, Softer Skin

Take your shaving routine from basic to extraordinary with Cremo French Lavender shave cream. This indulgent formula transforms shaving into a luxurious, spa-like ritual that leaves skin silky smooth.

The moment you dispense Cremo Lavender Cream onto fingers or brush, you’ll notice the difference. Rich, concentrated and impossibly slick, this shave cream offers a level of lubrication that far surpasses runny shave foams or gels.

Smooth the decadently thick cream over legs, underarms or bikini area and feel it melt into skin, surrounding each hair in a protective moisture barrier. The lavender oil lends its soothing properties and heady floral scent for a multi-sensory experience.

Razor glides effortlessly through the slick cushion of cream for an astonishingly close shave that prevents any irritation or razor burn. Even the most sensitive skin remains calm and comfortably numb throughout the process.

When you’re finished shaving, skin emerges unbelievably soft, smooth and touchably soft – never dry or irritated. The moisturizing botanical blend continues nourishing skin long after rinsing, locking in moisture so you stay silky smooth all day.

Why suffer through lackluster shaves that leave you with bumps and irritation when you could treat yourself to the luxury of Cremo Lavender shave cream? Indulge your senses while achieving the smoothest, softest skin imaginable.

Say Goodbye to Nicks, Cuts and Burn with Superior Glide

Achieving the closest shave without irritation often feels impossible, especially for sensitive skin. Most shave products rely on a thin foam or gel that doesn’t provide enough lubrication to protect skin, resulting in nicks, cuts and razor burn.

Cremo Lavender shave cream is formulated to be impossibly slick, giving a lubrication superior to any foam or gel. This allows the razor to glide effortlessly over skin for a friction-free shave that prevents any irritation.

The rich cream surrounds each hair strand in a moisturizing buffer so the razor can shave close to the skin without ever touching or dragging across the surface. No more painful nicks and cuts! Even stubborn, coarse hairs are no match for the astonishing glide provided by Cremo Lavender shave cream.

Plus, the lavender oil ensures skin stays calm and comfortable throughout every pass of the razor. So while you achieve the closest shave of your life, your skin enjoys the soothing aromatherapy benefits of lavender. No stinging, burning or razor bumps – just baby smooth skin!

Any area you shave will benefit from the astonishing glide and protection of Cremo Lavender shave cream. Legs, underarms and bikini area stay nick and irritation-free. For an impossibly close shave on legs, go ahead and shave against the grain without fear of irritation.

Quit settling for the sting of nicks, cuts and burn that come with inferior shave products. For your closest, irritation-free shave ever, lather up with Cremo Lavender shave cream.

Pamper and Soothe Skin with Luxurious Botanicals

Shaving is often a matter of convenience we squeeze in between showering and catching the morning bus. But what if you could turn shaving into a few moments of self-care to soothe and pamper skin?

Cremo Lavender shave cream transforms shaving into a spa-like ritual that moisturizes and nourishes skin while indulging your senses. The luxurious botanical formula replaces harsh chemicals with skin-loving natural oils and extracts.

Indulge in the sensuous glide of Macadamia seed oil, nature’s richest moisturizing oil, across skin. Feel the cooling caress of aloe vera to calm and heal. Let the anti-inflammatory action of calendula extract soothe away any redness. Experience citrusy lemon extract restore suppleness and tone. Bask in the botanical exfoliation of papaya enzymes.

Breathe deep the heady floral aroma of natural lavender oil as it works synergistically with the herbal extracts to relax and nourish skin. This symphony of botanicals replaces any synthetic fragrances, dyes, numbing agents, or parabens.

Give your skin the spa treatment it deserves. Take a few moments every morning to lavish skin with the sensuous luxury of Cremo Lavender shave cream. Your skin will emerge not just impeccably smooth, but thoroughly pampered.

Shave Sensitive Skin Without the Burn

Sensitive skin poses the ultimate shaving challenge. How do you get a close shave without irritating delicate skin into a state of red, burning agony? It often feels impossible to shave closely without causing bumps, nicks, and irritation.

Cremo Lavender shave cream finally makes it possible to shave sensitive skin as close as desired without causing irritation. Its impossibly slick texture glides across delicate skin, providing a protective moisturizing barrier between skin and razor blade.

The rich cream allows the blade to shave close to skin without ever dragging or touching the surface. Even coarse hairs are no match for the astonishing razor glide. Say goodbye to razor bumps and ingrown hairs!

Skin stays calm and comfortable throughout thanks to soothing botanicals like aloe, lavender oil, calendula extract and olive leaf extract. They nourish skin and provide natural anti-inflammatory action while lavender aroma provides stress-relieving aromatherapy.

While Cremo Lavender cream gives an astonishingly close shave, there is never any painful burning, stinging or itching. Just smooth, soothed skin that looks and feels blissfully nourished and renewed.

If your sensitive skin fears the razor, then it’s time to experience the blissfully close shave that Cremo Lavender cream provides. Finally, you can shave without the burn!

Enjoy Lasting Soft, Smooth Skin

Imagine stepping out of the shower with skin still feeling as soft, smooth and touchable as that first moment post shave. No dryness, irritation, or prickly regrowth – just lasting softness and irresistible smoothness.

Cremo Lavender shave cream makes this a reality. While most shave products rinse away after use, Cremo Lavender cream contains moisturizers that continue nourishing skin long after shaving.

Macadamia seed oil, aloe vera, calendula and olive leaf extract keep working to hydrate, soothe and improve skin elasticity throughout the day. Your skin stays conditioned and touchably soft even hours later.

Plus, the lavender aroma provides subtle aromatherapy to keep you calm, focused and ready to take on the day.

Don’t settle for short lived softness that disappears the moment you step out of the shower. Pamper your skin with the lasting nourishment of Cremo Lavender shave cream. You’ll smooth on make up or get dressed with skin still feeling irresistibly silky and renewed.

Experience Barbershop Quality Shaves at Home

Remember your last barbershop shave when the hot towel, creamy lather and expert straight razor combined to give the closest shave of your life? With Cremo Lavender shave cream, you can experience that same impossibly close shave in the comfort of home.

Like a professional barber lather, Cremo Lavender cream has a rich density that clings to skin and hair. This provides a friction-free buffer between razor and skin for astonishingly close yet comfortable shaving.

Just a thin layer massaged onto damp skin provides all the slick glide needed for the cleanest, closest shave whether using a manual or electric shaver. No missed hairs or areas of stubble – just baby smooth perfection.

Plus, the indulgent scent and skin nourishing botanicals provide the sensory experience and skin pampering perks of a professional barbershop shave. Step out of the shower feeling renewed and invigorated.

Don’t settle for the mediocre shaves that drugstore shave foams provide. Elevate your daily ritual with the astonishingly close, indulgent shave of Cremo Lavender cream. You’ll look and feel like you just stepped out of an upscale barbershop.

Unbeatable Value from a Little Luxury

Indulging in luxuriously thick, botanically-enriched shave creams usually comes at a high price. But with this value 2-pack bundle, you get Cremo’s top selling French Lavender shave cream for an astonishingly affordable price.

Two 6 oz tubes provide 90 days worth of Cremo Lavender shaving cream, outlasting the average shave gel by up to 3 times. This concentrated cream requires only a small amount to provide superior lubrication and moisture for the closest shave. So you use less product per shave while enjoying over 3 months of indulgent shaving.

While Cremo Lavender cream pampers skin like a high-end botanical shave oil, it comes at a fraction of the price. No need to splurge $20+ on artisanal shaving products to experience clean, smooth shaving luxury.

Treat yourself to the little luxuries that enhance daily moments of self care. For less than the price of a fancy coffee drink, you can indulge in 90 days of sensorially satisfying, beautifully smooth shaves with Cremo Lavender shave cream.


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