Cremo Barber Grade Original Shave Cream – Ultra-Slick Shaving Cream for a Close Shave Without Irritation (2 Pack)



Get the smoothest, closest shave possible with Cremo’s Original Barber Grade Shave Cream. Specially formulated to provide an astonishingly superior ultra-slick texture, this luxurious shave cream enables the razor to glide effortlessly across your skin for the ultimate close shave without nicks, cuts or razor burn.

Cremo Original Shave Cream

An Impossibly Slick Shaving Cream for Irritation-Free Shaves

What sets Cremo’s original shave cream apart is its impossibly slick texture that completely eliminates any pulling, tugging or skin irritation when shaving. The rich cream provides a protective cushion between your skin and the blade, allowing you to achieve a cleaner, closer shave than traditional foams or gels. No more battling through a chore of shaving, this is a truly enjoyable experience from start to smooth finish.

Fights Nicks, Cuts and Razor Burn

Shaving is so much better when you don’t have to worry about nicks, cuts or the painful sting of razor burn. Cremo’s slick formula completely eliminates any friction that can lead to irritation. It allows the razor to glide seamlessly along the curves of your face, under your arms, and anywhere else you need a close shave. The result is silky smooth skin without any annoying bumps, burns or ingrown hairs.

Leaves Skin Feeling Soft and Moisturized

What’s amazing about this shave cream is that not only does it provide a close shave, but it also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized afterwards. The luxurious cream contains natural moisturizers like Macadamia Seed Oil, Aloe, Calendula Extract and Olive Leaf Extract that hydrate and nourish skin. It helps repair dryness and damage from shaving so your skin looks radiant.

Delightful Subtle Citrus Scent

Cremo’s original shave cream has a light, refreshing citrus scent that energizes your senses without being overpowering. The subtle notes of lemon and papaya provide a pleasant aroma to start your day off right. It’s a clean, uplifting scent that lingers on your skin.

Lasts Significantly Longer Than Average Shave Cream

This 2-pack provides an amazing value with a 90 day supply of rich lathering shave cream. A little bit of product goes a long way, allowing the 6 ounce tube to last up to 3 months with regular use. This means you won’t have to be constantly buying replacements like other shave creams and gels that run out much more quickly.

Made with Quality Ingredients

Cremo shave cream is carefully crafted with high quality ingredients you can feel good about using. It’s paraben-free and not tested on animals. The formula contains natural extracts like Macadamia Seed Oil, Aloe, Calendula, Lemon, Papaya and Olive Leaf. It’s free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates and other harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

How to Use

Using Cremo shave cream is simple:

Apply a quarter-sized amount of cream directly to your wet face.
Use gentle circular motions to work the cream into your beard.
Shave using smooth, short strokes in the direction of hair growth.
Rinse blade often and reapply cream as needed.
Splash face with cool water and pat dry.
The rich lather helps soften your beard while protecting your skin for optimal razor glide. For best results, use with Cremo’s line of razors and after shave products.

Experience Barber Shop Quality Shaves at Home

With Cremo Original Shave Cream, you can achieve a barbershop quality shave experience from the comfort of your own home. No need to pay for expensive shaves when you can get salon close results yourself. Just lather up with this cream for a friction-free shave that leaves your skin smooth and comfortable.

Stock up on this shaving essential with a 2 pack of Cremo’s top selling original shave cream. You’ll be set for months of irritation-free shaves that leave your skin looking and feeling amazing.


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