Cremo Barber Grade Cooling Shave Cream – Fight Razor Burn for an Ultra-Close Shave



Experience the cooling comfort of Cremo’s Barber Grade Cooling Shave Cream. This ultra slick shaving cream allows you to effortlessly glide your razor for an astonishingly close shave without nicks, cuts or irritation. Formulated with premium ingredients like Macadamia Seed Oil, Aloe, Calendula and Olive Leaf Extract, Cremo Cooling Shave Cream soothes and protects your skin while delivering superior razor glide for an impossibly smooth shave.

An Ultra Slick Formula That Fights Nicks, Cuts and Razor Burn

Shaving is often a chore because of the nicks, cuts and irritation it can cause. Cremo Cooling Shave Cream is scientifically formulated to dramatically reduce nicks, cuts and razor burn. Its rich, thick texture adheres tightly to the skin, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly over the surface. The ultra slick formula minimizes friction and tugging to protect your skin. Even on longer growth, this shave cream allows you to achieve a close shave without irritation.

Refreshing Menthol For a Cooling Sensation

In addition to creating an impossibly slick shaving surface, Cremo Cooling Shave Cream contains menthol and peppermint oil that produce a cooling sensation on contact with the skin. The refreshing chill invigorates and awakens the skin, making shaving an enjoyable experience. The concentrated menthol content leaves your skin feeling revitalized and renewed after shaving.

Convenient 90 Day Supply per Pack

This pack contains two 6 fl oz tubes of Cremo Cooling Shave Cream, providing a total 90 day supply. A little goes a long way with Cremo’s rich lather. Compared to foam shaving creams that quickly run out, this concentrated Barber Grade formula means you use less per shave. The tubes are optimally sized to fit in your dopp kit or travel bag, allowing you to enjoy a superior shave experience wherever your adventures take you.

Nourishing Ingredients Soothe and Protect

Cremo Cooling Shave Cream contains premium botanicals and extracts that nourish skin and ensure a comfortable shave. Key ingredients include:

Macadamia Seed Oil: A lightweight nut oil that softens and conditions skin. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy residue.

Aloe Leaf Juice: Soothes razor burn and calms inflammation. Aloe is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that promote healthy skin.

Calendula Extract: Anti-inflammatory botanical extract derived from marigold flowers that helps heal razor burn and skin irritation.

Lemon Extract: Contains antioxidant vitamin C which evens skin tone. Has natural astringent properties.

Papaya Extract: Enzymes from papaya digest dead skin cells to reveal smooth, refreshed skin.

Olive Leaf Extract: An antioxidant that protects skin from environmental damage and free radicals.

Superior Ingredients for a Luxury Shave

Cremo utilizes only premium natural ingredients to nourish skin unlike traditional foaming shaving creams that rely on chemical propellants and harsh detergents. Cremo Barber Grade Shave Cream is paraben free and not tested on animals. The rich formula contains no air or excess water that dilute the product. What you get is a highly concentrated, ultra slick shaving cream that provides superior razor glide for impeccably smooth shaves.

Cremo Cooling Shave Cream Provides:

  • An impossibly close shave without nicks, cuts or irritation
  • Thick, rich lather that adheres closely to skin
  • Superior razor glide even on longer hair growth
  • Cooling menthol to refresh and revitalize skin
  • Soothing aloe and botanicals to nourish skin
  • Convenient leak-proof tube
  • 90 day supply per 2 pack
  • Barber grade formula made with premium ingredients
  • Light fresh scent
  • Free of parabens, detergents, numbing agents

Experience the Cremo difference for yourself and enjoy shaves that are astonishingly superior. This cooling shave cream allows you to shave in comfort – kiss razor burn goodbye! The ultra slick formula means no more wasted time passes trying to eliminate stubble. Just lather up and glide your razor with ease. Cooling menthol leaves your skin feeling awakened and renewed.

Stock up on this 2 pack of Cremo Cooling Shave Cream so you never run out. At 6 fl oz each, the convenient leak-proof tubes provide a 90 day supply. Made in the USA using premium natural ingredients.

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