COVERGIRL Makeup Puffs: The Softest, Most Luxurious Powder Puffs for Flawless Makeup Application



Achieve an airbrushed, flawless complexion with the COVERGIRL Makeup Masters Powder Puffs. These ultra-plush powder puffs provide the softest, smoothest application for any powder makeup product. Simply swirl your favorite COVERGIRL pressed or loose powder over the velvety surface and gently buff onto skin for an instantly filtered, photo-ready finish.

Each order includes three durable, high quality powder puffs so you can replace them frequently to apply powder hygienically and prevent bacteria buildup. The round shape and tapered edges allow you to easily reach every contour of the face and blend powder seamlessly along the hairline, underneath eyes, around the nose and other hard-to-reach spots.

Unbeatable Softness for Flawless, Airbrushed Skin

These powder puffs feature an ultra-plush, super-soft fabric that feels like luxury against your skin. The soft, pillowy texture picks up the ideal amount of powder and distributes it evenly onto skin for a blurred, filtered look. Each velvety fiber gently presses powder into skin, filling pores and clinging to makeup for long-lasting wear.

The pale white color of the puffs allows you to easily see how much powder has been picked up so you can avoid applying too much. The white fabric also shows when the puffs need cleaning to prevent product buildup and maintain the luxurious softness.

Control Your Coverage from Sheer to Full

The super-soft puffs give you complete control over your desired coverage, whether you prefer a transparent, bare-faced glow or more full-coverage glam. For light, sheer coverage, gently press and roll the powder puff over skin. For fuller coverage, pat and lightly buff the powder puff onto areas that need more coverage like blemishes, under eyes or around the nose.

The velvety powder puffs work with any loose or pressed powder formulas, from silky translucent setting powders to full coverage pressed foundations. Use them to apply bronzer or blush for a diffused, natural warmth on cheeks. These versatile powder puffs can even be used to dust on highlighter for a subtle, lit-from-within glow on cheekbones.

Designed for Comfortable Use Around Eyes and Sensitive Areas

The rounded shape and tapered edges of these powder puffs allow you to comfortably press and roll powder around sensitive areas like under eyes, eyelids and corners of nose. The sides are tapered to precision points that fit perfectly into the inner corners of eyes or underneath bottom lashes to brighten dark circles or set concealer.

The soft, pillowy texture blends powder seamlessly along the hairline and all around eyes, no matter how sensitive the skin. For a bright, lifted look, gently press translucent powder underneath eyes and around inner corners.

Maintains Hygiene and Prevents Bacteria Buildup

Each set comes with 3 powder puffs so you can change them frequently to maintain hygiene with your makeup application. Using a new powder puff allows you to avoid transferring oils, dirt and bacteria that build up over time.

It is recommended to wash powder puffs weekly or replace with a clean one for optimal results. Having multiple puffs makes it easy to toss one in the wash and immediately use a clean one in its place.

High Quality and Durable for Long Lasting Use

These powder puffs are made from high quality synthetic fibers that are designed for long term use. The durable material holds up wash after wash so you can reuse your powder puffs.

The fibers are tightly woven to prevent shedding or loosening over time. The smooth, reinforced edges also maintain their shape with repeated use and washing. Each puff remains ultra-plush and soft even after machine washing.

Proudly Made in the USA

COVERGIRL Makeup Masters Powder Puffs are proudly made in the USA with quality materials sourced from America. The durable synthetic fibers are specially engineered to provide an unbeatable soft, luxurious feel.

COVERGIRL is Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free so you can feel good about using these powder puffs, whether you’re layering on powders for flawless coverage or just want to pamper your skin. Enjoy the softness!


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