COVERGIRL Makeup Masters Eye Shadow Brush Kit (3 Pieces)



Get perfect eye makeup application every time with this 3-piece eye shadow brush kit from COVERGIRL! This set contains 3 essential brushes for flawless eye makeup looks.

The Perfect Brushes for Flawless Eye Makeup

Applying eye shadow can be tricky, but these brushes make it easy to get it just right. The angled brush is ideal for contouring color onto the crease. The rounded brush evenly distributes color across the entire lid. And the smudger brush blends out edges for a soft, smoky effect. With this versatile set, you’ll have the ideal brush for every step of your eye makeup routine.

Soft, Dense Bristles for Smooth Application

These brushes feature ultra-soft synthetic bristles that gently hug the curves of the eyelid. The bristles pick up and distribute pigment smoothly and evenly for the most flawless application. No more messy, uneven color deposit. The dense bristles allow you to layer and build color intensity precisely.

Perfectly Shaped for Precision

With their expertly shaped heads, these brushes allow you to maneuver around the delicate eye area with accuracy. The angled contour brush fits perfectly in the crease, while the rounded lid brush navigates across the entire eyelid with ease. And the smudger brush has a tapered edge that blends out color along the lash line and corners. The ergonomic handles give you control for mistake-free application.

High-Quality Materials for Lasting Performance

The soft synthetic Taklon bristles are durable and designed to withstand repeated washing. The sleek black handles are made of high-quality wood and coated in a scratch-resistant paint that helps them retain their shape and look pristine. These pro-quality brushes will maintain their precision and performance for many uses.

Trusted by Makeup Artists

This brush set has all the tools professional makeup artists reach for again and again for perfect eye makeup application on clients. The versatile trio of brushes covers every technique needed to create any eye look from subdued daytime all the way to dramatic night-time glam. With these brushes in your beauty tool kit, you’ll achieve makeup artist results!

Complete Your Makeup Brush Collection

These eye brushes are the perfect complement to any makeup brush set. Keep them on hand for flawless eye makeup whether you’re applying shadow primer, packing on pigment, blending edges, or applying highlighter to the brow bones. With proper tools like these, you’ll get picture-perfect eye makeup looks.

COVERGIRL Quality You Can Trust

For over 60 years, COVERGIRL has been creating accessible, quality makeup products to help women look and feel their best every day. We’ve paired our makeup expertise with innovation to bring you this brush set. The soft fibers, ergonomic handles, and smudge-free ferrules ensure these brushes perform as well as they feel.

Beautiful Brushes That Won’t Break the Bank!

Get the same application results as expensive department store brush sets for a fraction of the price with these affordable COVERGIRL brushes. The eye-catching glossy black handles look sleek in your makeup bag or displayed on your vanity. At this price point you could even buy one for yourself and another as a gift!

Designed with All Eye Shapes in Mind

No matter your eye shape–round, deep set, hooded or almond– these brushes will allow you to apply shadow like a pro! The smudger brush extends your makeup past the hoods, the lid brush covers from lashline to browbone, and the crease brush sculpts every subtle contour.

Tips for Using Your Eye Shadow Brush Set:

  • Always tap brushes to remove excess product before application to avoid fallout on your cheeks.
  • Use the angled brush in windshield wiper motions to blend color into the crease of the eye.
  • Wipe brushes clean with a dry tissue between colors to keep eye looks pure.
  • Brush across primer pots to pick up product- never swirl brushes in cream products.
  • Spot clean brushes with brush shampoo between uses for best results.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to brush up on your skills or a makeup pro in search of new high-performing tools, these COVERGIRL eye shadow brushes are just what you need for flawless application!


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