COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara – Get 20x More Volume With Zero Clumps



Get ready to achieve bold, beautiful lashes with COVERGIRL’s Clump Crusher Mascara. This innovative mascara gives you 20x more volume without any clumps – so you can create a dramatic lash look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Our Custom Curved Brush Grabs Every Lash for Root-to-Tip Volume

The secret to Clump Crusher’s amazing volume is our specially designed curved brush. The curved shape and straight bristle edge custom-fit to the natural curve of your eye, allowing the brush to grab and coat every last lash from root to tip. No lash gets left behind with this mascara!

As you apply Clump Crusher to your lashes, you’ll see them transform before your eyes. The curved brush coats even the tiniest lashes in your lash line, while the straight edge lifts and builds volume from root to tip. Stroke by stroke, you’ll add intense length and 20x more volume without any clumps or smudges.

Build Bold Volume While Keeping Lashes Separated

A big volumizing mascara can sometimes mean clumpy, spider-like lashes. But that will never happen with Clump Crusher! This mascara gives you intense volume while keeping lashes separated and defined.

The bristles on our curved brush are spaced perfectly to grab each lash individually. As you apply mascara from base to tip, the bristles comb through your lashes, coating each one and fanning them out for perfect separation. No more clumps!

You’ll be amazed at how instantly your lashes are transformed. Clump Crusher adds striking volume while keeping lashes looking soft, feathery, and fanned out.

Perfect For Any Eye Color and Skin Tone

The Black Brown shade of Clump Crusher Mascara is universally flattering for any skin tone or eye color. The rich, dark black-brown hue provides plenty of intensity to make eyes pop. Yet it’s soft enough to complement all complexions.

Whether you have warm brown eyes, cool blue eyes, or gorgeous green eyes, the Black Brown shade brings out the natural beauty of your eye color. And on all skin tones from fair to dark, the hint of brown creates a very natural, yet polished look. It’s the perfect versatile shade to use every day!

Complete Your Look With COVERGIRL Eye Makeup

Get a complete eye look by pairing Clump Crusher Mascara with other COVERGIRL eye makeup:

INK IT! Eyeliner – Get crisp, intensely colored lines with INK IT! Eyeliner by Perfect Point Plus. The long-wearing formula glides on easily for vibrant color that stays put. Create anything from thinly lined eyes to thick, dramatic cat eyes.

Eye Shadow Quads – COVERGIRL’s iconic Eye Shadow Quads provide endless options for eye looks. Each quad contains four harmonious shades to let your creativity run wild. Try metallics, mattes, neutrals, brights – the possibilities are endless!

With Clump Crusher Mascara, INK IT! Eyeliner, and Eye Shadow Quads, you have everything you need to create stunning eyes!

How to Apply Clump Crusher Mascara

Getting the most out of Clump Crusher Mascara is easy! Follow these simple steps:

Curl eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. This helps lift lashes up for maximum volume.
Wiggle the Clump Crusher brush at the base of your lashes. Zigzag the brush back and forth to coat lashes from root to tip.
Apply a second coat, wiggling the brush up your lashes once again from base to tip. This builds intense volume.
Use the brush to fan out lashes and separate any clumps. Brush through lashes to remove excess product and avoid spidery look.
Apply to bottom lashes while looking down into a mirror. Lightly sweep brush across lower lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clump Crusher hold a curl all day?
Yes! The curved brush coats every lash from base to tip so the curl stays put. The smudge-proof formula also maintains your curl.

Can you layer Clump Crusher over other mascaras?
Absolutely. Apply your regular mascara first, then layer Clump Crusher on top. It will boost your volume without clumps.

Is Clump Crusher waterproof?
No, Clump Crusher is a washable, non-waterproof formula that removes easily with soap and water or makeup remover.

Is Clump Crusher good for sensitive eyes?
Clump Crusher is ophthalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers when used as directed.

Experience 20x More Volume with Zero Clumps!

Take your lashes to new heights with COVERGIRL Clump Crusher Mascara. The innovative curved brush and clump-free formula load on the volume while keeping lashes separated and defined. Get 20x more volume with zero clumps for your boldest eye look ever!


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