Cotton Tip Applicators Sterile 6″ 100 per Box



Stay safe and sterile with these high quality cotton tipped applicators. Our 6″ sterile cotton swabs come individually wrapped in convenient peel-down pouches, providing maximum contamination prevention and ideal for sensitive applications.

Sterile and Safe

Each cotton tipped applicator is sterilized using industry-standard autoclave methods, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The sterile cotton tips are then carefully packaged in easy to open pouches that protect the product’s sterility until you are ready to use them. You can rest assured that these cotton swabs arrive contaminant-free and ready for your most sensitive procedures.

The included autoclavable bag provides an additional layer of protection, allowing you to store unused applicators in a sterile environment between uses. The bag features a colored autoclave process marker that turns from reddish pink to brown when sterilized, letting you know at a glance that the contents have been properly sanitized.

Convenient Packaging

You get 100 individually wrapped sterile cotton tipped applicators per box, providing you with plenty of supplies for medical and cosmetic applications. The peel-down pouches make it quick and easy to access each swab when you need it, while also limiting open air exposure during storage and transport.

Once opened, the sturdy cardboard box keeps unused swabs protected until you need them. The compact 6 inch size allows you to neatly organize your sterile applicators in drawers, medical kits and more for easy access.

Ideal for Precision Applications

With a firm cotton tip on a 6 inch wooden handle, these swabs are ideal for detailed applications that require precision and control. The cotton tips have fine flexible fibers that hold liquids and smoothly apply topicals, adhesives, medications and more exactly where needed.

Cosmetologists love using these sterile swabs for gentle nail polish touch ups and corrections. Doctors, nurses and medical professionals rely on them for collecting samples and applying topical treatments and ointments during minor office procedures. They are also perfect for arts and crafts, model building, electronic repair work and any hobby where you need a precise sterile tool.

Superior Quality

These sterile swabs are manufactured by a leading American brand known for high quality medical products. The tightly wound 100% cotton tips have been inspected for debris and consistency. The smooth wooden handles are strong and splinter-free.

We stand behind the quality and sterility of these cotton tipped applicators. Our products are made following strict GMP guidelines and pass all criteria for sterile medical devices.

Order With Confidence

Keep your home, office and medical supplies properly stocked with these essential sterile cotton swabs. Place your order today to receive a box of 100 individually wrapped 6 inch swabs packed in a sturdy autoclavable storage box.

We offer fast shipping and excellent customer service, getting your order delivered promptly and professionally packed. Don’t settle for cheap imported swabs of questionable quality. Choose our American-made sterile cotton tipped applicators for reliable performance and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these cotton swabs sterile?

Yes, each cotton tipped applicator is sterilized using autoclave methods and individually packaged in sterile peel-down pouches to maintain sterility. The autoclavable storage box and process marker provide further sterility assurance.

What are these swabs made of?

The cotton tips are made of tightly wound 100% cotton fibers. The handles are crafted from smooth wooden sticks. Both tip and handle pass quality control for defects.

How are these cotton swabs packaged?

Each sterile swab comes in its own peel-down pouch. You get 100 individually wrapped swabs per box. The pouches are sealed and opened just before use.

Can these swabs be autoclaved again?

Yes, the included storage box and process marker allow you to safely autoclave any unused swabs between uses. This allows you to keep them sterile for future procedures.

What size are these sterile applicators?

These cotton tipped applicators have a 6 inch handle and a cotton tip on each end. The longer handle provides precision control for detailed applications.

Are these swabs latex free?

Yes, these sterile cotton tipped applicators contain no latex in their construction. They are safe for those with latex sensitivities and allergies.

What are some common uses for these sterile swabs?

These precisely tipped swabs are commonly used for minor medical and cosmetic procedures, arts and crafts, model building and detailing, electronic repair, nail polish touch ups and any application requiring sterile precision.

Where are these cotton swabs manufactured?

These sterile applicators are proudly made in the USA by a trusted American medical supply company following strict quality control guidelines.

Do you offer bulk discounts on these sterile swabs?

Yes! Contact us for quotes on bulk and wholesale orders of 50+ boxes. We offer excellent volume pricing for large medical facilities, distributors and wholesale buyers.

Don’t wait – order your sterile cotton tipped applicators today and always have a contamination-free precision tool on hand!


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