COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Calming Facial Toner Spray for Sensitive Skin – 150ml



Find inner peace for your skin with the COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Calming Facial Toner Spray. This Korean beauty skin care essential delivers a gentle, soothing toner concentrated with centella asiatica to rebalance sensitive skin.

Calm the Skincare Storm within Your Skin

Red, irritated skin craves relief. COSRX designed its centella water toner to be a daily soothing solution for sensitive skin, not another source of discomfort. This alcohol-free toner features a lightweight spray formula to gently hydrate and calm skin prone to blemishes and flushing.

The hero ingredient is centella asiatica, also known as cica or tiger grass. For centuries this resilient plant has been used in oriental medicine to promote healing. Modern research confirms that cica extract is rich in soothing madecassoside and helps skin restore its natural balance. COSRX triples the cica content compared to its previous centella toner for maximum redness and blemish relief.

Facial Spray Toner that Cools, Cleanses and Calms

Toner is an essential step in any Korean skincare routine to rebalance skin’s pH levels after cleansing. COSRX Centella Water toner adds hydration and a dose of soothing cica in a convenient spray bottle. Misting your face is an easy way to instantly refresh skin anytime, even over makeup.

The lightweight formula gives sensitive skin a clean, balanced canvas for the rest of your routine. It gently removes any last traces of cleanser and dirt to prevent breakouts and clogged pores. Your skin is left soothed, cooler and perfectly prepped for serums, moisturizers or sun protection.

Use morning and night after cleansing or as needed throughout the day for an instant skin pick-me-up. The formula is free of alcohol and strong essential oils that may irritate or overdry sensitive skin types. Mild enough for daily use on even the most reactive complexions.

Key Benefits:

  • Soothes red, irritated and blemish-prone skin
  • 3X concentration of centella asiatica extract compared to previous formula
  • Gentle hydration in convenient spray form
  • Cleanses and rebalances pH after washing face
  • Alcohol-free and free of fragrances/essential oils
  • Lightweight texture won’t clog pores
  • Instant refresh for skin anytime

How to Use

After cleansing skin, close eyes and spray toner evenly over face. No need to rinse. Gently pat in the hydrating mist with hands or a cotton pad if preferred. Follow with other skin care steps like serums, moisturizer and sun protection.

Use morning and night or as needed for instant refresh throughout the day. Can be used over makeup for a midday pick-me-up. Hold bottle 6-8 inches from face and spray in a sweeping motion. Avoid getting into eyes.

Tip: Store in refrigerator for an extra cooling, calming boost.

Soothing Korean Skin Care

K-beauty is renowned for innovative formulas that keep skin healthy and hydrated. COSRX brings decades of skin care expertise to its centella water toner. The brand chooses quality plant-based extracts like cica/centella asiatica over harsh synthetic ingredients. Products are never tested on animals and free of parabens.

Experience the Korean approach to soothing sensitive skin. Add this gentle, alcohol-free toner with cica extract to your routines. Calm the skincare storm within your skin and restore harmony to red, irritated complexions.

COSRX Centella Water Toner Key Details:

  • Volume: 150 ml / 5.07 fl.oz
  • Skin Types: All, especially sensitive and blemish-prone
  • Main Active Ingredient: Triple concentration of centella asiatica (cica) extract
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Cruelty-free: Never tested on animals
  • Paraben-free: Free of parabens
  • Formulation: Lightweight spray toner
  • How to Use: Spray over face after cleansing morning and night. Can use throughout day for instant refresh and soothing.

Bring your skin back into balance. Shop now for the COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Calming Facial Toner Spray.


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