ConairMan Nose Hair Trimmer: Painless Precision for Nostril Grooming



Unwanted nose hair can be annoying and embarrassing, but plucking can be painful. The ConairMan Nose Hair Trimmer offers a superior trimming experience that’s comfortable, quick and effective. This cordless trimmer features an innovative 360 degree beveled blade system engineered for close, clean cuts without painful pulling or pinching. Tame unruly nose and ear hair with ease and precision.

No More Plucking!

Plucking nose hairs can be a literal pain. The ConairMan trimmer delivers a smooth, clean trim without any painful pulling or irritation. The patent pending 360 degree beveled blade was designed to glide smoothly across skin and cleanly cut through all types of hair, removing unsightly strands quickly and comfortably.

Portable Cordless Design

This handy nose trimmer is battery powered for maximum portability and convenience. No more being tethered to the wall outlet! Bring it along in your travel kit or keep it in your car’s glove box for grooming on the go. It requires just 1 AA battery to operate (battery not included).

Trims Ears and Eyebrows Too

In addition to effectively grooming nose hair, this versatile trimmer can also be used to trim ear and eyebrow hairs. It comes with 2 interchangeable trimming heads – a detail trimmer and a shaver attachment – providing specialized tools to create clean, precise edges and lines in hard-to-reach areas like ears and brows.

Respect the Ritual

Looking your best starts with quality tools and ConairMAN delivers. This nose hair trimmer is part of an innovative collection of smart grooming products so you can craft your signature look with confidence. From beard trimmers to hair clippers, shavers, and more, ConairMAN has precision tools to help you get game day ready.

Advanced Rotary Cutting System

The ConairMan nose trimmer’s specialized 360 degree beveled blade was engineered to provide a smooth, snag-free trimming experience. The innovative rotary cutting system features 3 hypoallergenic, high carbon steel blades guarded with a safety cone to prevent overcutting. The blades spin as they cut, slicing cleanly through problem nose and ear hairs for an irritation-free trim.

Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic handle ensures a safe, comfortable grip and makes the trimmer easy to manipulate into hard-to-reach spots like ears and nostrils. The textured finger rests provide control to precisely trim nose, ear and eyebrow hair.

Water Resistant

The ConairMan nose trimmer is fully rinseable for easy cleaning. Simply detach the head and rinse under running water to remove trimmed hairs. Please note that for proper functioning, the handle should not be immersed in water.

Trusted Brand

With over 50 years experience, Conair is a leader in professional grooming tools. Their product line includes high-quality haircare essentials like hair dryers, curling and flat irons plus innovative trimmers and shavers. ConairMAN delivers smart grooming gadgets fit for a pro barbershop in the comfort of home.

Complete Grooming Solution

Keep your manly mane looking sharp from head to toe with ConairMAN’s full line of trimmers, shavers and clippers. Remove unwanted ear and nose hair quickly and comfortably with this nose trimmer. Shape your beard and mustache with precision beard trimmers and detailers. Get a close shave on your neck and cheeks with a ConairMAN rotary or foil shaver. And cut your hair just how you like it with ConairMAN’s collection of hair clippers and cut kits for home.

What’s in the Box?

The ConairMAN nose trimmer set comes with:

Nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer
Detail trimmer head
Shaver head
Protective blade guard
Cleaning brush
Storage pouch
Key Features

Cordless battery-powered design (1 AA battery required, not included)
Patented 360 degree beveled blade for no-pull trimming
Hypoallergenic, high carbon steel cutting blades
Fully washable for easy cleaning
Ergonomic textured grip
LED power indicator
Twist-off heads for easy changing
Detail trimmer and shaver attachments
Protective blade guard
Cleaning brush
Zippered storage pouch
Take control of unruly nose and ear hair with the ConairMan Nose Hair Trimmer. Experience comfortable, pain-free trimming and grooming with this innovative cordless grooming tool.


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