Color Your Roots Precisely with the Cosywell Root Comb Applicator Bottle



Get salon-quality hair coloring results right at home with the Cosywell Root Comb Applicator Bottle! This innovative applicator bottle allows you to precisely apply hair dye or color just to your roots for a flawless touch-up between colorings. No more messy dye hands or accidentally staining your scalp when trying to color just your roots.

Apply Hair Dye Directly to Roots with Comb-Style Nozzle

The key feature that makes the Cosywell applicator bottle so effective is the unique comb-style nozzle. It allows you to gently squeeze dye directly along your part and roots for perfect precision. The soft bristles easily glide along your scalp, saturating just your new growth. No more wasted product or accidentally overlapping previously colored hair! The comb nozzle ensures the dye only goes exactly where you want it.

Lightweight Bottle with Leak-Proof Seal

The Cosywell applicator bottle features a sleek ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand. Made from durable plastic, it weighs just a few ounces so your hand won’t get tired while applying color. The leak-proof screw top seals tightly to prevent messy leaks or spills. The pink, white and purple bottle colors are fun while also allowing you to color code different dye formulas.

Graduated Scale for Easy Measurement

Mixing and measuring hair dye has never been easier thanks to the built-in graduated scale along the outside of the bottle. You can carefully measure out exactly how much color cream or developer you need for root touch-ups. No more guessing and ending up with too much wasted excess product. The measurement markings range from 1 ounce all the way up to 6 ounces.

Reusable and Easy to Clean

Don’t throw away your applicator bottle after just one use! The Cosywell root applicator can be reused over and over again for all your root touch-up needs. It’s designed for longevity and convenience. After each use, simply rinse the bottle and comb nozzle thoroughly until the water runs clear. Avoid harsh scrubbing. Then allow it to fully air dry before your next application. Proper cleaning preserves the integrity of the comb bristles so they continue gliding smoothly along your scalp.

Get Salon-Style Results at Home

Using the root comb applicator bottle helps you achieve precise, professional-looking color results at home. The comb nozzle makes it so easy to saturate every last root without overlapping previous color. No more guessing or eyeballing where your roots end. Enjoy beautiful, dimensional color from root to tip! Your color will look freshly done for weeks longer compared to messy brush applications.

High-Quality Materials for Optimal Performance

The Cosywell applicator bottle is constructed using top-quality materials to ensure optimal performance. The plastic bottle is shatter-resistant and the leak-proof screw top maintains a tight seal. The comb bristles glide smoothly over your scalp without being overly stiff or flimsy. Every component works together seamlessly so you can achieve stunning salon-worthy results.

User-Friendly Design is Easy to Control

From the ergonomic bottle shape to the uniquely designed comb nozzle, the Cosywell applicator bottle is crafted with the user in mind. The leak-proof screw top and graduated scale make measuring and mixing a breeze. The comb fits comfortably in your hand and requires just a gentle squeeze to release the perfect amount of dye onto roots. The design is intuitive and gives you complete control for precise, mess-free root coloring.

Perfect for Travel or Storage

The compact 6 ounce Cosywell applicator bottle takes up hardly any space in your bag or suitcase, making it ideal for travel. The leak-proof seal ensures your clothing and towels stay stain-free while the bottle is in transit. The applicator is also great for storage in between uses. Keep it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. The tight seal keeps the dye or developer fresh.

Availabe in 6 Vibrant Colors

The Cosywell root applicator comes in a rainbow of fun colors to suit your style: pink, white, blue, green, purple and orange. Or collect them all! The colors help distinguish different dye formulas. Plus, the colorful bottles add a pop of pizzazz to your dyeing routine.

Simplify Your Root Touch-Up Routine

Say goodbye to the mess, stress, and guesswork of root touch-ups! The Cosywell Root Comb Applicator Bottle streamlines the process so you can achieve stunning results quickly and cleanly. No more stained hands, accidentally overlapping color, or uneven root coverage. Take the hassle out of coloring and enjoy salon-worthy roots from the comfort of home.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Cosywell stands behind their innovative applicator bottle with a customer satisfaction guarantee. They want you to achieve professional quality results without the headache or mess. They promise this root comb applicator will provide precision application and easy cleaning for perfect roots every time you color. Enjoy flawless coverage or your money back!

Revolutionize your DIY root touch-up routine with the game changing Cosywell Root Comb Applicator Bottle! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Grab this must-have product to simplify the process and achieve stunning, mess-free color results at home. Your roots will look fresh from the salon for weeks longer. Cosywell’s precision applicator bottles are a cut above the rest.


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