Clubman Styptic Pencil Jumbo (3 Pack) – Stop Razor Nicks and Cuts Instantly



We’ve all been there – you’re rushing to get ready in the morning and nick yourself shaving. Ouch! Not to worry, the Clubman Styptic Pencil is here to save the day. This jumbo pack of 3 styptic pencils is ideal for stopping bleeding from razor nicks, cuts and scratches FAST.

The secret is the active ingredient benzocaine, which temporarily numbs and constricts blood vessels. Just wet the tip of the styptic pencil and apply directly to the shaving cut or nick for quick relief. Within seconds, the bleeding will stop and you can finish your morning routine without a trace of blood or a visible cut.

Stop Bleeding Fast from Razor Cuts, Nicks and Scratches

Shaving mishaps happen to everyone. Don’t let them ruin your day or a special event! The Clubman Styptic Pencil works in seconds to stop bleeding from:

  • Razor cuts and nicks
  • Nicks from trimmers and grooming tools
  • Minor scratches and scrapes
  • Paper cuts

The precision tip targets the cut and constricts the blood vessels to stop bleeding fast. No more bleeding through tissues or ruining your clothes from shaving mishaps!

Numbs Skin While Stopping Bleeding

The Clubman Styptic Pencil doesn’t just stop bleeding fast – it also temporarily numbs the skin around the cut so you don’t feel any pain or irritation.

The active ingredient benzocaine is a mild anesthetic that works on contact to numb and soothe the skin. This provides instant relief when you nick yourself shaving or have a minor cut.

No more burning, stinging or throbbing from shaving cuts! The anesthetic effect helps you finish grooming in comfort.

Jumbo Size for Home and Travel

This convenient jumbo pack includes 3 full-sized Clubman Styptic Pencils. Each pencil is 0.05 oz and measures 4.5 inches long – much larger than the tiny styptic pencils found in shaving kits.

The larger jumbo size allows you to keep styptic pencils handy in multiple places – store one in your bathroom, gym bag and travel toiletry bag. With 3 pencils, you’ll always have one on hand when you need it.

The smooth wooden barrel allows you to grip and control the pencil easily. Lightly wet the angled point end and apply to precisely target small cuts and nicks.

Trusted Styptic Pencil for Over 40 Years

Clubman Styptic Pencils have been a trusted solution for stopping nicks and cuts for decades. Gentlemen have relied on these iconic green pencils since 1975 to stop bleeding fast from shaving mishaps.

These made-in-USA pencils are renowned for quickly stopping bleeding from shaving cuts without stinging. Clubman uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients to soothe skin while stopping bleeding in seconds.

Join generations of men who have depended on the Clubman Styptic Pencil. Pick up this jumbo 3 pack so you’re never without one when you need it!

How to Use the Clubman Styptic Pencil

Using the Clubman Styptic Pencil is easy:

  1. Wet the tip of the pencil with water. This helps the ingredients adhere to your skin.
  2. Hold the wet tip directly against your cut or nick for 10-30 seconds, applying light pressure.
  3. The bleeding will stop within seconds as the active ingredients take effect.
  4. Remove the pencil tip and rinse the cut area clean.
  5. Apply an aftershave balm or moisturizer if desired.

The cut area may look slightly whitish from the pencil – this is normal and fades quickly. You can also use a wet washcloth to gently remove any pencil residue.

Causes of Razor Cuts and Nicks

Razor cuts and nicks can happen due to:

  • Rushing while shaving
  • Shaving with a dull razor
  • Too much pressure while shaving
  • Shaving over moles, pimples or ingrown hairs
  • Dry shaving without sufficient lather

Using a fresh, sharp razor and taking your time help prevent nicks and cuts. But even the most careful shavers get an occasional nick! The Clubman Styptic Pencil provides instant relief until you heal.

What’s in the Clubman Styptic Pencil

The Clubman Styptic Pencil contains these active ingredients:

  • Benzocaine – A local anesthetic that numbs the area to stop pain.
  • Aluminum sulfate – Constricts blood vessels to stop bleeding.
  • Titanium dioxide – Helps block nerves to numb pain.

These pharmaceutical-grade ingredients work together to immediately stop bleeding and numb shaving cuts. The convenient pencil applicator lets you directly target the cut.

Pick Up This Men’s Shaving Essential Today!

Don’t let another shaving nick ruin your day! Pick up the Clubman Styptic Pencil Jumbo 3 Pack to stop bleeding fast and numb pain. Keep one handy at home, work and while traveling to instantly treat shaving mishaps. This men’s grooming must-have helps you look your best every day!


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