Clubman Powder Finest Talcum Powder To Soothe Skin Irritation, 4 Ounces



Looking for relief from irritated or itchy skin? Try Clubman Powder Finest Talcum Powder. This classic men’s grooming product has been trusted for generations to provide soothing comfort for skin irritations. Formulated in the USA, Clubman Powder goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly to cool, soothe, and refresh.

Clubman Powder comes in a generous 4 ounce container, so you’ll have plenty to get you through shaves, workouts, and long summer days when irritation seems inevitable. A dusting of this luxuriously soft talc helps prevent chafing and discomfort so you can tackle your active lifestyle with confidence.

Fights Irritation and Soothes Skin

The ultra-fine texture of Clubman Powder allows it to immediately penetrate irritated areas of your skin. As it absorbs excess moisture and oil, you’ll feel an instant cooling sensation that helps reduce redness and inflammation. Regular application helps prevent irritation from flaring up again. It’s strong enough for a man yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Whether you’re prone to razor bumps, heat rash, or chafing, Clubman Powder has your back. Its medicinal ingredients create a protective barrier between your skin and the elements that cause irritation. Apply it before you shave for an ultra-close shave without the burn. Or dust it on anytime unexpected irritation pops up to nip it in the bud.

Long-Lasting Fresh Feel

Clubman Powder doesn’t just mask odors, it eliminates them by absorbing moisture right at the source. As a true talcum powder, it contains no added fragrances that can sometimes cause further irritation. With a clean scent profile, it provides odor and wetness protection that lasts for hours.

The velvety texture glides over skin smoothly without being greasy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how soft and comfortable your skin feels, even in hot and humid conditions. As body heat naturally activates the powders, it creates a cool, dry layer against your skin so you stay fresh long after application.

Trusted Brand Since 1810

With over 200 years of grooming expertise, Clubman Powder offers timeless quality you can rely on. They’ve been creating fine men’s products since 1810 using formulas that stand the test of time. This talcum powder is proudly made in the USA to ensure the highest standards.

The vintage style packaging calls back to a simpler time when quality craftsmanship mattered. Clubman Powder makes a great gift for the man who appreciates classic barbershop products. Or pick some up for yourself to add a touch of old-world pampering to your routine.

How to Use

Using Clubman Powder is simple:

Shaving: Apply to your face and neck before shaving for smooth glide and prevent irritation. Can also be applied after shaving to soothe razor burn or bumps.

Exercise: Dust on problem areas prone to chafing like thighs, underarms, and feet before working out. Also cools and refreshes post-workout.

Hot Weather: Keep some in your gym bag to prevent sweat-related irritation during summer workouts or outdoor activities. Helps keep you dry and comfortable.

Skin Irritations: At the first sign of irritation from rashes, bug bites, or sunburn, apply lightly to relieve itching and redness. The soothing effect calms flare ups fast.

Baby Care: Gently powder baby’s neck folds, underarms, and diaper area to prevent rashes and irritation. Clubman is gentle enough for regular use.

Tips for Best Results

Avoid pouring powder directly on skin as it can be messy. Instead tap some into your hand then rub hands together to evenly distribute before patting onto areas needed.
Apply to clean dry skin for best absorption. Do not apply to broken or oozing skin.
Shake container before each use to prevent caking. Keep lid tightly closed after use.
Store in a cool dry place to maintain freshness and prevent clumping.
Not for use on face or other mucous membranes. Avoid inhaling powder.


Does it contain talc?

Yes, Clubman Powder is made with pharmaceutical grade talc to provide optimal skin soothing and moisture absorption. It does not contain asbestos.

Is it fragrance free?

This powder uses natural grain and rice powders to absorb odor and wetness. It does not contain any added fragrances that may cause irritation.

Can women use this powder too?

Absolutely. While marketed primarily for men’s grooming needs, the gentle formula makes it suitable for women and babies as well.

Where is Clubman Powder made?

All Clubman products are proudly formulated and packaged in the United States. The brand meets the highest standards of quality control.

Does it leave a powdery residue?

The super fine texture is specially designed to absorb quickly without leaving behind a messy white residue. It provides a clean, shine-free matte finish.

Take control of skin irritation with the refreshing comfort of Clubman Powder. Its time-tested medicated formula provides quick relief while the velvety texture leaves you feeling cool and dry. Pick up a container to experience the barbershop magic for yourself.


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