Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil – Stop Bleeding from Nicks and Cuts Instantly with This Must-Have Shaving Essential



Razor nicks and shaving cuts happen all too often, especially when you’re new to wet shaving or switching to a fresh blade. While they may seem innocent enough, these small abrasions can quickly become infected if bacteria penetrates the broken skin. Avoid shaving mishaps and treat bleeding instantly with the Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil.

Formulated with 56% Aluminum Sulfate, this tried-and-true styptic pencil helps coagulate minor bleeding from razor cuts, nicks from grooming tools, popped pimples, and even bug bites. The jumbo 1 oz size means this shaving essential will last a long time – perfect for filling shave kits and professional barber stations.

Here’s how it works: The combination of aluminum sulfate and benzocaine rapidly constricts blood vessels to stop bleeding fast. This forms an invisible antiseptic bandage over the cut, sealing out dirt and germs that can cause infection. The benzocaine also helps soothe and numb irritated skin for comfortable healing.

Stop Bleeding in Seconds from Razor Nicks, Cuts, and More

Shaving lacerations and abrasions come in all shapes and sizes. From tiny nicks along the neck and jawline to larger cuts on the knees and underarms, this magic styptic stick can tackle it all.

To use it:

  • Wet the tip of the pencil
  • Dab it gently onto the affected area
  • Hold for 30 seconds as it quickly seals the wound

You’ll be amazed at how rapidly bleeding is controlled. The Clubman styptic forms an invisible protective layer that shields cuts and nicks from bacteria, dirt, and grime.

This isn’t just for shaving cuts either. It works equally well on:

  • Nicks and cuts from grooming scissors and clippers
  • Papercuts
  • Raw cracked skin
  • Popped zits and pimples
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Bug bites
  • Split lips and knuckles
  • Minor kitchen accidents

Anywhere skin is broken and bleeding occurs, this styptic stick can help seal it up. No more need for tissue or toilet paper dots on your face!

A Must-Have for Every Man’s Grooming Kit

Now here’s a classic every man needs in his shave kit. Whether you shave daily, once a week, or maintain a beard, having this styptic pencil handy gives peace of mind. A few quick dabs will nip any bleeding in the bud so you can get on with your day nick-free.

It’s a grooming staple recommended by dermatologists and barbers alike. The jumbo 1 oz size means it will last a long time. Keep one at home, in the car, at the gym, or pack it for travel so it’s always within reach.

It’s also a great gift idea for:

  • Teen boys learning to shave
  • Men who frequently cut themselves shaving
  • Frequent travelers who shave on the go

For those who enjoy straight razor shaves, Clubman styptic is an absolute necessity. The exposed blades make nicks and cuts more likely, so having this hemostatic ready for action is a smart idea.

It’s also handy during manscaping sessions. Use it to quickly treat any cuts or abrasions that occur while trimming or shaving delicate areas.

Heals Small Cuts Without Stinging or Irritation

Many liquid or roll-on styptics contain alcohol, which can burn and irritate skin. This Clubman styptic uses a gentle formula that helps heal razor burns without stinging. The active benzocaine ingredient also temporarily numbs the area for painless healing.

Once applied, there is no goopy messy residue or sticky feeling on your skin. It dries invisibly so you can carry on with your shave or grooming routine. Reapply as needed until minor bleeding fully stops.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly those pesky nicks and cuts heal once sealed with the Clubman Styptic Pencil. No more ugly red spots or scabs when you use this instant treatment.

Trusted Men’s Grooming Brand Since 1810

With over 200 years of grooming experience, Pinaud’s Clubman brand offers time-tested men’s products that get the job done. Founded in France in 1810, the company relocated to America and has been making shaving staples for generations.

Their styptic pencil is found in barbershops across the country and is a favorite of traditional wet-shavers. Offering excellent value for money, one jumbo pencil can last over a year with proper care.

Stock up on this tried-and-true shaving essential. Pick up a Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil to instantly treat small cuts before they become a big, painful problem. Your face will thank you!


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