Clinique My Happy Cookies & Kisses Fragrance, 0.5 fl oz



Indulge in the heavenly aroma of fresh-baked cookies with Clinique’s My Happy Cookies & Kisses fragrance. This scrumptious eau de parfum evokes memories of lazy Sundays spent baking in the kitchen. Warm notes of cinnamon, chestnut, and vanilla create a sweet and cozy scent that’s irresistible.

As soon as you spray this fragrance, you’ll be transported back to childhood and the intoxicating smell of cookies baking in the oven. The top notes burst with the appetizing aroma of baked apples and vanilla bean, immediately making your mouth water. As the scent unfolds, hints of cinnamon add a touch of spice, while nutty chestnut and rich vanilla offer a smooth, gourmand nuance.

My Happy Cookies & Kisses is designed to be layered and loved. Wear it alone for a straightforward sugary confection, or mix it with other scents in your collection to create a more complex dessert medley. This sweet perfume complements fruity floral and Oriental fragrances beautifully. The creamy vanilla tempers the brightness of citrus scents. Cinnamon spices up powdery florals. Chestnut adds depth to lighter compositions.

With its nostalgic gourmand profile, My Happy Cookies & Kisses evokes cozy memories of home baked treats. Let your mind wander back to Grandma’s kitchen, with the heavenly smell of snickerdoodles in the air. Feel the childhood excitement of licking the beaters clean after making birthday cake. This scent brings back the simple pleasure of cookie batter on your fingertips.

The stunning bottle features a playful, pop art-inspired design that matches the fragrance inside. The glossy finish in shades of pink, purple and red is as irresistible as the juice within. The chunky cap resembles a cookie and the name is written in fun, bubbly font. This perfume practically begs to be displayed on your vanity.

My Happy Cookies & Kisses is part of Clinique’s Happy fragrance collection. Like the flagship Happy perfume, this flanker captures joy and optimism in scent form. It will leave you feeling carefree and cheerful whenever you wear it. The cozy gourmand aroma wraps you up like a blanket fresh from the dryer.

This eau de parfum is perfect for:

Cookie lovers – Indulge your sweet tooth with this scrumptious scent. The gourmand notes of cinnamon, chestnut and vanilla are simply delicious. Let this perfume satisfy your dessert cravings in fragrance form.
Hopeless romantics – Curl up with your sweetheart and bask in the warmth of this fragrance. Its sweet, nostalgic aroma naturally enhances intimacy. Wearing this scent creates moments you’ll treasure.
Foodies – If you love exploring new bakeries and cafes, this should be your signature scent. It will make even the most mundane activities feel special, like you’re living in a food commercial. People will crave cupcakes when they catch a whiff of your intoxicating perfume.
Fragrance collectors – With its unique gourmand profile, My Happy Cookies & Kisses is a must-have for perfume aficionados. This cozy, nostalgic scent fills a gap in many fragrance wardrobes. It layers beautifully and the gorgeous bottle looks stunning on display.
My Happy Cookies & Kisses is ideal for wearing during:

Lazy weekends – Wake up slowly and indulge in your morning routine while wrapped in the aroma of fresh baked treats. Let this scent enhance your enjoyment of little luxuries like breakfast in bed.
Cozy nights in – Curl up on the couch with a Hallmark movie or your favorite book. My Happy Cookies & Kisses is the perfect accompaniment for an evening of self-care and relaxation. The soothing, nostalgic fragrance promotes rest and contentment.
Quality time – Create lasting memories with your loved ones while wearing this scent. Its nostalgic aroma naturally brings people closer together. Make cookies, play board games, page through old photo albums – this fragrance enhances meaningful moments.
Romantic dates – Set the mood for intimacy and affection by wearing My Happy Cookies & Kisses on your next date night. The sweet, spicy scent makes every moment together feel a little more special. A whiff of this perfume instantly takes you back to young love.
With notes of:
Top – Baked Apple, Vanilla Bean
Middle – Cinnamon, Chestnut
Base – Vanilla
My Happy Cookies & Kisses offers a heavenly gourmand fragrance experience. Let this perfume whisk you away to memories of homemade treats and lazy Sunday mornings. Its mouthwatering aroma of baked goods is absolutely irresistible.


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