Clinique Happy In Bloom Eau de Parfum – Vibrant Floral Scent for Women, 1.7 oz



Embrace optimism and joy with Clinique’s Happy In Bloom eau de parfum. This vibrant, fruity floral fragrance captures the essence of a bright spring day, filled with possibilities.

Top Notes:

The fragrance opens with effervescent notes of ruby red grapefruit, juicy apple and lush fruit. These sparkling citrus and fruity accords evoke feelings of new beginnings and promise.

Heart Notes:

At the heart, velvety rich jasmine petals, tropical plumeria and fresh freesia bloom. Their lush femininity calls to mind strolling through gardens in full flower. Soft, creamy woods add depth and mystique.

Base Notes:

Finally, the sensual base notes of solar musks and vibrant amber leave a lasting optimistic glow. Their warm, creamy scent lingers on the skin like the feeling of basking in golden hour sunshine.

Fragrance Inspiration:

This limited edition women’s fragrance was inspired by the transformative power of spring. Just as nature bursts into new life after winter’s slumber, Happy In Bloom encourages women to embrace renewal and new possibilities. Let your inner optimism bloom.

When to Wear It:

Happy In Bloom is a vibrant daytime fragrance that evokes the positive spirit of spring. Spritz it on in the mornings to start your day off with a smile. The fruity floral scent will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything. Let this radiant perfume uplift your mood wherever you go.

Who It’s For:

Happy In Bloom is for women who embrace the joy of each new day. Its bright, fruity floral vibes are perfect for optimistic, energetic women looking to make the most of every moment. It’s designed to be uplifting and empowering.

Clinique Fragrance DNA:

Like all Clinique fragrances, Happy In Bloom is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. It won’t irritate sensitive skin. This perfume also utilizes natural botanicals and antioxidants for a revitalizing effect. Clinique prioritizes safety, wellness and happy experiences.


The diamond-faceted bottle features colorful ombré hues of pink, purple and orange inspired by sunsets. Its unique design perfectly captures the fragrance inside – radiant, joyful, and effervescent. The slim silhouette slips easily into handbags for on-the-go touch ups.

How to Apply:

Mist Happy In Bloom along your pulse points. Spritz your wrists, behind your ears, and décolletage for longer lasting fragrance. Focusing on these naturally warm areas helps the perfume blossom beautifully on your skin. For an extra boost, spray it through air and walk through the mist!


This vibrant eau de parfum can be enjoyed year-round. Its optimistic energy is perfect for:

  • Starting your mornings off right
  • Enjoying days out with friends
  • Date nights
  • Travel adventures
  • Workdays when you need a mood boost
  • Runs, hikes, and outdoor activities

With its bright, fruity scent and colorful bottle, Happy In Bloom brings a smile wherever it goes.

Layering with Clinique Happy Body Creams and Lotions:

For longer lasting fragrance, layer the Happy In Bloom eau de parfum with coordinating body creams. The Clinique Happy body lotion provides 24 hours of soft, touchable hydration and a beautiful luminous finish. Massage the silky cream onto pulse points before or after spraying with perfume.

The lush citrus-floral Happy body cream intensely hydrates with shea and murumuru butters. Apply to damp skin post-shower and finish with spritzes of the perfume. The body cream locks in moisture and layers the scent beautifully.

Complete the Clinique Happy Fragrance Family:

Make your days bloom with brightness by exploring the entire Clinique Happy collection of perfumes and lotions:

  • Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum – The iconic, spirited citrus floral scent.
  • Clinique Happy In Bloom Eau de Parfum – Vibrant fruity floral for spring.
  • Clinique Happy Heart Eau de Parfum – Playful blend of mandarin, grapefruit and mimosa.
  • Clinique Happy Body Cream – Intense, luxe hydration with shea & murumuru butters.
  • Clinique Happy Body Lotion – Light, refreshing formula wears for 24 hours.

Start each day on a positive note with Clinique Happy fragrances. Feel uplifted, empowered and ready to embrace life’s beauty. Happy looks good on you!


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