Clinique Happy Heart Women’s Parfum Spray – Vibrant, Playful Scent for a Joyful Spirit



Capture the essence of optimism and joy with Clinique’s Happy Heart, a vibrant, playful women’s fragrance that evokes a spirit of warmth and adventure. The lively top notes of crisp ruby red grapefruit and lush mountain air accord evoke feelings of vitality and freedom, while the floral heart of luminous magnolia and rich purple orchid bloom with optimism and beauty. Earthy tones of cedarwood and velvety musk create a sensual base, grounding the fragrance in comfort and sophistication.

Top Notes

The top notes burst open with an energizing splash of ruby red grapefruit, immediately transporting you into the fragrance’s sunny, joyful vibe. Subtle hints of mountain air accord add an element of freedom and expansion, like a deep breath of fresh, crisp air on a mountain hike surrounded by nature’s beauty. An uplifting orange flower tequila note brings playfulness with a touch of the unexpected.

Heart Notes

At the heart of Happy Heart lies luminous magnolia, which blooms with purity, innocence and optimism. Radiant heliotrope brings touches of warmth and depth, while lush purple orchid delivers an exotic, feminine beauty. These florals intertwine to create a bouquet symbolic of happiness and gratitude.

Base notes

Resting on a sensual base of relaxing sandalwood and earthy vetiver, the fragrance achieves a smooth sophistication. Subtle notes of cedarwood add a clean, comforting touch, while creamy musk envelops the scent in velvety softness. Together these base notes ground Happy Heart in tranquility and joy.

How to Wear Happy Heart Perfume

Like sunlight reflecting on water, Happy Heart women’s perfume is a shimmering floral scent that evokes uplifting emotions. Spray on pulse points like the wrists, neck, and décolletage for a long-lasting fragrance that will leave you and those around you feeling bright and cheerful throughout the day. The vibrant fruity top notes make this an ideal daytime scent for spring and summer, perfect for outdoor activities and social occasions when you want to make a playful, feminine impression.

For best results, apply Happy Heart perfume right after showering, as the heat from the skin helps diffuse the notes, while hydrated skin better absorbs the fragrance. Reapply as needed to refresh the scent and layer it with the coordinating Clinique Happy Heart body lotion for added fragrance. The floral heart notes also make this fragrance perfect for date nights and evenings out. For cooler months, layer it with the body cream to release the notes more subtly with body warmth.

The Clinique Happy Scent Family

First launched in 1997, the award-winning Clinique Happy perfume gained popularity for its uplifting citrus bouquet that seemed to bottle the feeling of optimism and joy. Happy Heart retains the DNA of the original Clinique Happy but adds a feminine twist with its floral heart, making it part of the iconic Happy fragrance family. Like the original Happy Eau de Parfum, Happy Heart conveys a positive spirit and cheerful emotion through its bright, fruity top notes and soft, warm base – but with its own signature touch thanks to radiant magnolia and orchid blooms. Try the original Happy and other flankers to find your perfect radiant Clinique scent.

Product Details

  • Top Notes: Ruby Red Grapefruit, Mountain Air Accord, Orange Flower Tequila
  • Heart Notes: Magnolia, Purple Orchid, Heliotrope
  • Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver
  • Fragrance Family: Floral, Fresh
  • Sizes Available: 3.4 oz, 1.7 oz, 1.0 oz
  • Country of Origin: United States

Uplift your senses and embrace the joy of each moment with the radiant femininity of Clinique Happy Heart. Let this playful, modern floral fragrance awaken your adventurous spirit and help you spread warmth wherever you go.


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