CLINIQUE Clinique Happy Parfum Spray (.14 Ounce) – The Fragrance of Joy in a Mini Travel Size



Capture happiness wherever you go with the Clinique Happy Perfume Spray in a convenient .14 oz mini size. This joyful fragrance perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a sunny morning with fresh citrus top notes that will put a smile on your face.

A Sunny, Happy Scent for All Occasions

Clinique Happy Perfume opens with energetic citrus notes of bergamot, apple, and plum that brighten your mood like the first rays of sunshine. The effervescent citrus then gives way to a cheerful heart of exotic florals including freesia, lily, rose, and morning orchid. The floral heart is both feminie and uplifting. Finally, white musk and amber create a warm base that rounds out this happy-go-lucky composition.

With crisp fruity top notes, radiant exotic florals, and a soft musky base, Clinique Happy is a fragrance that embodies joy and optimism. It’s the perfect scent to spritz on to lift your spirits on grey days, or whenever you need a quick mood boost. The universal happy vibes of this perfume make it suitable for wear all year round, by women of all ages.

A Mini Fragrance Spray for Daily Refreshing

This convenient .14 oz mini spray bottle lets you enjoy the uplifting scent of Clinique Happy whenever you want. Keep this petite perfume spray in your purse, gym bag, or travel case. The slim bottle fits easily into small spaces so you can bring it anywhere life takes you.

A quick spritz will refresh your scent and renew your happy outlook throughout the day. The mini size also makes this an excellent fragrance for:

  • Travel – TSA approved for carry-on
  • Work – Refresh your scent after meetings or time spent outdoors
  • Gym – Spritz on after your workout when getting ready to head home
  • Everyday – Provides a quick pick-me-up when you need it

Having a go-to happy fragrance is part of self-care. Refresh with this mood-boosting perfume anytime you need an instant smile.

Try Clinique’s Iconic Happy Scent Risk-Free

The convenient mini size allows you to experience Clinique’s globally renownedHappy perfume before committing to the larger eau de parfum spray. The .14 oz bottle provides many applications to fully experience the feel-good formula.

This purse-sized bottle is perfect for:

  • Gifting – Share the happy vibes as a stocking stuffer or small gift
  • Sampling – Try out the fragrance before purchasing a full size
  • Traveling – Experience the scent’s joyful mood-boost whenever you want

Spritz on this scent to start your day with a smile or give yourself a midday pick-me-up. Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum is a modern floral-citrus fragrance that’s clean, fresh, and optimistic. The mini spray size brings happiness wherever you go.

Joy in a Bottle

Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum encapsulates the feeling of a bright, cheerful morning. Notes of citrus, exotic flowers, and warm musk come together to create a scent that’s uplifting and lively. Spray on this perfume to be enveloped in joyful vibes.

A quick spritz will lift your mood and keep you smiling all day. The universally appealing scent is appropriate for women of all ages and any occasion. Keep Clinique Happy Perfume on hand whenever you need a quick burst of optimism.

The convenient .14 oz mini spray size allows you to refresh your scent and lift your spirits throughout the day. Carry this perfume anywhere for an instant mood boost. Experience the essence of pure happiness wherever life takes you.

Bring happiness wherever you go with the Clinique Happy Perfume Spray in a perfectly portable .14 oz travel size.


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