Cliganic Super Absorbent Hypoallergenic Cotton Balls – Jumbo Size 200 Count



Do you want cotton balls that are super soft, extra absorbent and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin? Look no further than Cliganic’s Super Jumbo Hypoallergenic Cotton Balls! With 200 balls per bag, you’ll always have plenty on hand for all your skincare and cosmetic needs.

These cotton balls are made of 100% pure, natural cotton that is completely hypoallergenic and free of any harsh chemicals or additives. The premium cotton makes them ultra soft and gentle, so they can be used on your face, eyes, and all over your body without irritation. The jumbo size balls measure approximately 1 inch wide, making them extra large and luxurious feeling.

One of the best things about these cotton balls is how incredibly absorbent they are. The high quality cotton has an open weave that swiftly soaks up water, makeup remover, toner, or any other liquid. Use them to gently cleanse your face each morning and night to leave your skin fresh, clean and soft. Or apply your favorite serums, moisturizers and creams with ease.

The super absorbent cotton means you won’t have to use as many cotton balls to get the job done. So this value sized 200 count bag will last you a very long time. You’ll always have your beauty routine staple on hand without running out.

Cliganic cotton balls are made sustainably using eco-friendly processes that are gentle on the environment. They are cruelty free and never tested on animals. The hypoallergenic purity makes them safe for the whole family to use.

Here are all the reasons to love Cliganic’s Super Jumbo Cotton Balls:

  • Jumbo size – approximately 1 inch wide
  • Super soft and gentle on skin
  • Extra absorbent open weave cotton
  • 100% pure natural cotton is hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly and cruelty free
  • 200 count value bag
  • Use for cleansing, makeup removal, applying products

Add these luxurious jumbo cotton balls to your self care routine. Pamper your skin by gently massaging your face with soothing circular motions. Apply your serums and moisturizers flawlessly. Remove makeup without any tugging or irritation.

Customers love how soft and supple these cotton balls feel on their skin:

“These cotton balls are amazing. Super soft, don’t fall apart, and work perfectly for my skincare routine.”

“So incredibly soft and gentle on my face. I have sensitive skin and these are perfect.”

“These huge cotton balls make removing my makeup a breeze. Very absorbent and luxurious.”

“Cliganic cotton balls are my new favorite for applying toner and essence. So soft and fuzzy!”

Treat your skin to the spa-like luxury of Cliganic’s Jumbo Hypoallergenic Cotton Balls. Click Add to Cart now to stock up on this skincare essential that your face will love.


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