Cliganic Premium Cotton Rounds – The Ultimate Makeup Remover and Skincare Essential



Discover the softest, most absorbent cotton rounds that will revolutionize your beauty routine. Cliganic’s premium cotton rounds are crafted with 100% pure natural cotton for a gentle touch on delicate skin. With 300 rounds per pack, you’ll enjoy a bountiful supply for all your skincare and makeup removal needs.

Gentle on Skin, Tough on Makeup

Cliganic cotton rounds are delightfully soft and hypoallergenic. The top-quality cotton is free of irritants to pamper even sensitive skin. Each round features a cushiony surface and layered construction to gently wipe away stubborn makeup without pulling or tugging. Effortlessly remove waterproof mascara, long-wear foundation, and more without abrasion or redness.

Absorbent Cotton that Won’t Unravel

Each premium cotton round soaks up makeup remover, toner, and cleansing water with ease. The tightly woven cotton is ultra-absorbent yet durable enough to withstand saturated use. No more dealing with shredded cotton balls or pesky lint ruining your skincare routine.

Sustainable & Cruelty-Free

Cliganic cotton rounds are produced sustainably without any animal testing or harm. As a vegan and cruelty-free brand, Cliganic maintains ethical and eco-conscious practices from cotton sourcing to manufacturing. The premium cotton rounds are also biodegradable for easy, environmentally friendly disposal.

Elevate Your Skincare Ritual

Pamper your skin by incorporating Cliganic cotton rounds into your daily ritual:

Remove Makeup Gently
Douse cotton rounds with makeup remover and lightly sweep across the face to dissolve stubborn makeup without irritation. Use rounded motions around the delicate eye area.

Apply Toner Evenly
Saturate a cotton round with toner or micellar water and glide over skin to distribute the product evenly while cleansing pores. Avoid tugging at the skin.

DIY Compresses
Soak cotton rounds in skin-soothing ingredients like green tea, rosewater or witch hazel. Apply over closed eyes or other areas to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Freshen Up On-The-Go
Keep cotton rounds handy in your purse or gym bag. Use them to refresh makeup, wipe sweat, or apply skincare throughout the day.

Remove Nail Polish Safely
Gently wrap cotton rounds around each fingernail soaked in nail polish remover to effortlessly strip color without touching your skin.

Experience the Softest, Lint-Free Cotton Rounds

Pamper your skin with Cliganic’s spa-quality cotton rounds. The ultra-soft, 100% natural cotton is gentle enough for even delicate skin while remaining durable for heavy use. Keep your beauty routine comfortable and environmentally friendly with these premium cotton rounds.


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