Clearasil Rapid Rescue Deep Treatment Pads for Fighting Face and Body Acne in Just 4 Hours!



Banish breakouts and achieve visibly clearer skin fast with Clearasil Rapid Rescue Deep Treatment Acne Face Pads. These maximum strength acne pads go beyond the surface to deliver dermatologist-approved 2% salicylic acid deep into pores to target acne and stop new breakouts from forming.

See visible results in as little as 4 hours with this hardworking acne treatment. The textured pads quickly penetrate pores to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, excess oil, and built-up dead skin. Salicylic acid immediately gets to work to reduce pimple size and redness, calming inflammation and preventing future blemishes.

Clearasil acne pads are a simple, mess-free way to treat acne on the face, back, chest, and body. Convenient pre-soaked pads can be easily tossed in a bag or locker for on-the-go acne relief at school, the gym, or work. The individually wrapped pads ensure maximum freshness and potency.

Dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types, these medicated acne pads are tough on breakouts but gentle on skin. The alcohol-free, non-comedogenic formula won’t overdry or irritate, just cleanse and condition as it fights acne. Skin is left fresh, hydrated, and restored.

Achieve deeply clean, clear skin with the exfoliating and cleansing action of salicylic acid. This beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is a powerful acne-fighting ingredient that penetrates oil-clogged pores and exfoliates away dead skin cells, debris, and excess sebum. By clearing congested pores down to the source, salicylic acid stops acne while allowing new, healthy cells to surface.

The maximum strength 2% concentration of salicylic acid in these pads provides effective acne treatment without being harsh or causing irritation. Rich moisturizers like vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile soothe and condition skin as the BHA goes to work. The oil-free, soap-free formula is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores or cause new breakouts.

Use Clearasil Rapid Rescue Pads in conjunction with other Clearasil acne regimens for the best results. Try pairing with Clearasil Rapid Rescue Deep Treatment Scrub to supercharge acne clearing and reveal fresher, smoother skin twice as fast. Or follow acne pad application with Clearasil Daily Clear Acne Treatment Cream for ongoing medicated care.

Fight acne above and below the skin’s surface with proven maximum strength products from a trusted brand recommended by dermatologists. Clearasil’s pore penetrating formulas target every aspect of acne formation to deliver visibly clearer skin. Banish breakouts for good and enjoy a more radiant, even-toned complexion.


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