Cleanlogic Sport Exfoliating Body Scrubbers – Deep Clean Exfoliation For Smooth, Radiant Skin



Treat yourself to a professional-grade clean and pamper your skin with the Cleanlogic Sport Exfoliating Body Scrubber. This multi-purpose exfoliator is specially designed to gently yet effectively sweep away dry, dead skin cells, dirt, oil and other impurities that build up on your body over time. The result? Fresh, smooth, refined skin that looks and feels amazing.

Gentle Yet Powerful Exfoliation Anywhere On Your Body

This easy-to-use body scrubber features a textured surface that lightly buffs your skin as you glide it across your body. The unique fiber blend massages your skin, stimulating circulation while lifting away pollutants, sweat, chlorine and salt from swimming, leftover soap scum and anything else that shouldn’t be there. Use it all over – arms, legs, back, chest, feet – anywhere skin needs revival.

It’s strong enough to scrub away rough patches and blocked pores for clear, even skin tone, yet gentle enough for daily use on all skin types without irritation. Forget about dry brushing or rough loofahs that can be too harsh – this scrubber is your skin’s new best friend, providing just the right amount of exfoliation you need.

Designed For Active Lifestyles

The Cleanlogic Sport Body Scrubber is ideal for athletes, gym-goers and anyone with an active lifestyle seeking all-over body invigoration. The textured surface helps enhance circulation to weary muscles, sweeping away lactic acid and toxins. Your skin will feel refreshed and revived after each use.

It’s also perfect for tackling dirt, sweat and grime post-workout. Use it to gently cleanse away any impurities picked up during your exercise session so you can rinse clean. The easy-grip handle design allows you to easily scrub hard-to-reach spots for a thorough full-body clean.

Hygienic Cleaning

This body scrubber is constructed from Cleanlogic’s proprietary clean fiber technology, helping prevent bacterial and mold growth. The innovative fiber blend inhibits odor-causing bacteria from collecting on the scrubber. It dries quickly after each use and features an anti-microbial handle to limit germ transfer.

The result is a body scrubber that delivers a fresh, clean feeling each and every time. No more soggy loofahs or foul-smelling scrubbers sitting in your shower – this exfoliator keeps clean use after use.

A Scrubber For All

Cleanlogic aims to make quality skincare accessible for everyone. Their scrubber handles are printed with Braille to make bathing easier for the visually impaired. The company proudly employs people with disabilities and gives a portion of profits to non-profits benefitting the disabled community.

Refine Your Skin Routine

Reveal your best skin ever with the Cleanlogic Sport Exfoliating Body Scrubber. Using it as part of your regular bathing routine helps skin look and feel rejuvenated, healthy and toned. Gentle enough for daily use, this scrubber is easy to control and install in any shower or bath.

Refresh tired muscles, re-energize your skin and enjoy smoother skin texture and tone. Pamper your hardworking body to the deep exfoliating cleanse it deserves with this innovative body scrubber.


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