Clean Skin Club Ultra-Soft Disposable Face Towelettes for Clean, Fresh Skin – Dermatologist Approved and USDA Certified Biobased



Treat your skin to a gentle cleanse with Clean Skin Club’s disposable face towelettes. Our ultra-soft towels are designed to remove dirt, oil, and makeup without irritation. Keep a pack handy for on-the-go freshness!

Gentle Cleansing for All Skin Types

Clean Skin Club towelettes are soft enough for even sensitive skin. The pure, chemical-free cloth lightly exfoliates while lifting away pore-clogging impurities. Our towels feature an open-weave texture that allows thorough cleansing and quick drying. Bacteria and dead skin cells are whisked away, leaving your face refreshed.

You’ll love how these soft towels feel on your skin! The smooth, lint-free fabric glides over your face to gently buff away makeup, sunscreen, and pollutants. Just wet a towelette, add cleanser if desired, and enjoy a soothing mini facial. Rinse and pat dry for clean, invigorated skin.

Dermatologist Approved and Hypoallergenic

Clean Skin Club facial towelettes are free of dyes, fragrances, and other common irritants. Our pure cloths have been tested by dermatologists and proven safe for sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic towels can be used daily without redness or reactions. Even acne-prone complexions can benefit from gentle exfoliation with these soft cloths.

Give your face a treat with our spa-quality disposable towels! No need to worry about chemicals or extras that lead to breakouts. Our towelettes contain just pure, soft fiber that sweeps away impurities. Enjoy a mini facial each day to reveal clean, balanced skin.

Convenient Packs for On-the-Go Cleansing

Stash our disposable facial towelettes in your purse, gym bag, or luggage for fresh skin anytime. The individually wrapped towels ensure you’ll always have a clean cloth ready when you need a quick refresh.

After exercise, camping, long flights, and other activities, your skin needs a revive. Just wet a towelette, add cleanser, and wipe away sweat, dirt, and oil buildup. The convenient disposable towels allow cleansing wherever you are to stay fresh and confident.

Toss used towelettes after one use. Why bother with rewashing towels that spread bacteria? Our disposable cloths provide a hygienic, fuss-free way to cleanse on the go.

Sustainable and Biodegradable

Clean Skin Club believes beauty products should be good for you and the planet. That’s why our facial towelettes are made of 100% biobased fibers. The renewable plant-based material quickly breaks down after use with no toxic residue.

Our towelettes have been certified by the USDA Biopreferred Program for environmental responsibility. You can feel good using these sustainable towels knowing they come from nature and safely return to nature after use.

Indulge in mini facials anytime without creating waste! Our facial towelettes provide a few blissful minutes of pampering. When you’re finished, they biodegrade harmlessly without clogging landfills.

Pamper Yourself with Gentle Facial Towelettes

Show your skin some TLC with Clean Skin Club’s soft disposable towels. Gently remove the day’s impurities in just a few minutes to reveal a fresh, healthy glow. Our dermatologist-approved towelettes are ideal for:

  • Quick cleansing post-workout, camping, flying, or whenever water is limited
  • Freshening up when it’s not time for your full skincare routine
  • Makeup removal at home or on the go
  • A soothing facial massage
  • Gentle exfoliation to improve tone and texture

Treat yourself to an effortless mini spa session anytime, anywhere. Clean Skin Club towels offer a little luxury that leaves you feeling pampered and refreshed.

Experience the difference ultra-soft, pure fiber makes. Our facials towelettes are skincare simplified – just open a pack and enjoy a gentle cleanse in seconds! Try Clean Skin Club towelettes today for clean, invigorated skin.


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