Clean Skin Club Ultra Soft Disposable Cleansing Towelettes – Dermatologist Approved Makeup Removing Cloths for Face and Body



Experience a refreshingly clean feel with Clean Skin Club’s ultra soft disposable cleansing towelettes. These biodegradable facial wipes are gentle yet highly effective at removing dirt, oil and makeup without irritating sensitive skin.

Crafted from 100% plant-based fibers and certified by the USDA as biobased, these facial towels provide an eco-friendly way to cleanse your skin. The disposable towels are specially designed to thoroughly cleanse facial skin, removing pore-clogging impurities, all while being kind and gentle.

Dermatologist approved and ideal for all skin types, even sensitive, these soft cloths lightly exfoliate to reveal smoother, softer, more radiant skin. The ultra-plush texture glides across your skin, gently lifting away stubborn makeup, dirt and oils without any need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

These large 8 x 10 inch cleansing towels provide plenty of surface area to cover your entire face in one swipe. Thick and ultra absorbent, they quickly soak up dirt, oil and cosmetics upon contact with water or facial cleanser. The durable two-ply construction resists tearing or shredding when wet.

To use: Simply wet the towelette with lukewarm water or your favorite facial cleanser, then gently wipe over your face. No need to scrub or rub harshly. Allow your skin to air dry after use. Follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer.

What you’ll love:

100% plant-based & biodegradable
Unscented & chemical free
Hypoallergenic & non-irritating
Dermatologist approved
Extra large size
Ultra soft & gentle
Highly absorbent
Effectively removes makeup & impurities
Suitable for all skin types
Travel friendly
Disposable & convenient
Leaves skin clean, smooth & refreshed
Experience the Clean Skin Club difference. Our ultra soft facial cleansing cloths are gentle on skin while effectively removing makeup, dirt and oils. The disposable towels provide a hygienic one-time use option, eliminating the risk of bacteria buildup that comes with reusing dirty washcloths.

Give your skin a fresh start and treat it to the cleansing experience it deserves. Add Clean Skin Club’s plant-based disposable cleansing towels to your skincare routine today. Your skin will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Clean Skin Club towelettes different from regular cotton towels/washcloths?

Our towelettes are designed for single use only. They are made of durable yet ultra soft biodegradable fibers that gently cleanse skin. Regular towels and washcloths harbor bacteria and dead skin cells even after washing. Our disposable towels provide a hygienic cleansing option.

Can they be used on sensitive skin?

Yes, our facial wipes are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and dermatologist approved for all skin types including sensitive skin. They cleanse gently without any harsh scrubbing or chemicals.

Do they remove waterproof makeup?

Yes, the durable 2-ply ultra soft texture effectively removes even waterproof makeup when used with water or a makeup removing cleanser. No harsh rubbing required.

How large are the cleansing cloths?

Each disposable cleansing cloth measures 8 inches x 10 inches, providing plenty of surface area to cleanse your entire face in one swipe.

Can they be used on the body?

Yes, while specially designed for the delicate facial skin, they can also be used on the body, hands and fingers when wet with water or body wash. Avoid scrubbing roughly.

Are the towels biodegradable?

Yes, our facial wipes are certified by the USDA as being made from 100% biobased plant materials. They are biodegradable and better for the environment.

How many towelettes come in a pack?

Each pack contains 50 extra large disposable cleansing cloths, providing a month’s supply for most users. They are ultra lightweight and travel friendly.

What is the shelf life of these facial towelettes?

Unopened packs have a 2 year shelf life. Once opened, use within 3 months for best results.

How should they be disposed of after use?

Simply discard the used towelettes in the trash. Do not flush down toilet. They will biodegrade over time in the landfill.


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