Clean Skin Club Biodegradable Organic Cotton Bamboo Swabs for Makeup Removal and Touchups (500 Count)



Treat your skin gently with Clean Skin Club’s organic cotton and bamboo swabs. Unlike traditional plastic swabs, these biodegradable swabs are made with premium natural materials that are gentle on skin and the planet.

Dual-Sided Tips Cater to All Your Beauty Needs

Each swab has a rounded tip on one end and a pointed tip on the other, providing versatility for all your beauty routines. The rounded tip is perfect for gently sweeping away makeup and nail polish. The pointed tip allows precise application of creams, ointments, and cosmetics. With two tips per swab, you’ll always have the right tool for the job.

100% Biodegradable and Compostable

Clean Skin Club swabs are made from renewable bamboo and organic cotton, with no synthetic chemicals, bleaches, or chlorine. The bamboo stick is sturdy yet fully biodegradable. The tightly spun organic cotton tips quickly break down after use. You can compost these swabs guilt-free, knowing they won’t sit in a landfill for hundreds of years like plastic swabs.

Organic Cotton Tips are Extra Soft and Gentle

The premium organic cotton tips are soft, hygienic, and gentle on sensitive skin. They contain nochemical residues or synthetic fibers that could irritate skin. The cotton is tightly wound so there are no stray fibers or messy shedding. Organic cotton has a soft, pillowy feel that pampers skin.

Sturdy Bamboo is Naturally Splinter-Resistant

Bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials, making it perfect for swab sticks. The bamboo is specially processed to remove sugars and starches that attract microbes. It retains antimicrobial properties to inhibit bacterial growth. Bamboo doesn’t easily break or splinter, yet remains fully biodegradable.

Ideal for Makeup Application and Removal

Use these soft, hygienic swabs for makeup application and touch ups. Gently apply eye creams, concealers, and lip colors. Remove makeup mistakes or smudges with the rounded organic cotton tip. Avoid tugging delicate eye areas with scratchy plastic swabs. The bamboo and cotton tips are strong enough for makeup, yet gentle on skin.

Great for Removing Nail Polish

Dip a cotton tip in nail polish remover to neatly fix polish mistakes or remove old polish. The pointed tip reaches around cuticles for precision. The sturdy bamboo is perfect for pushing back cuticles. Avoid scratching nails with sharp plastic points. The organic cotton won’t leave annoying cotton strands behind.

Sterile and Hypoallergenic

Clean Skin Club swabs are sterilized and sealed for hygiene. They contain no chlorine bleach or toxic residues. The organic materials make them hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Bacteria and chemicals won’t accumulate on the renewable bamboo and biodegradable cotton.

Convenient 500 Count Package

The resealable package contains 500 double-tipped swabs, providing a generous supply for all your beauty needs. Keep them stocked in your makeup drawer, bathroom cabinet, and vanity. Share with family and roommates too. They’re ideal for home, travel, and on-the-go touch ups.

Good for Your Skin and the Planet

Pamper your skin while making an eco-friendly choice with these premium swabs. The renewable, biodegradable materials are ideal for sensitive skin and gentle makeup removal. Compost the cotton and bamboo when finished to keep them out of landfills. Your skin and the planet will thank you.

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