Clean-n-Fresh Body Spray Gift Set – 3 Alluring Fragrances for Every Mood



Indulge your senses with the Clean-n-Fresh body spray gift set. This set includes three exquisite fragrances that will awaken your inner goddess and envelope you in luxurious scents. Each fine fragrance mist is carefully crafted with a unique blend of fruits, flowers, and sensual notes to tantalize your nose and uplift your spirit.

The first fragrance, Timeless Dreams, is a romantic Cherry Blossom scent accented by juicy Peach and delicate White Jasmine. One spritz of this fragrance will transport you to a fantasy world filled with love and magic. The bright top notes of Cherry Blossom capture the essence of new beginnings, while the heart notes of Peach and Jasmine add a touch of playfulness and femininity. Timeless Dreams is the perfect scent for date nights and creating unforgettable memories.

The second fragrance, Luna Kisses, is an utterly irresistible blend of Melon, Plum, and Freesia. This seductive combination embodies confidence and fantasy. The succulent ripeness of Melon paired with velvety Plum imbues a mouthwatering fruity aura, while the sweetness of Freesia adds romantic charm. Luna Kisses empowers you to embrace your inner diva – fun, fearless, and fabulous.

The final fragrance, Sunset Poems, is a warm, alluring blend of Black Cherry, Crème Anglaise, Vanilla, and Sandalwood. These rich gourmand notes envelop you in sophistication with a kiss of sensuality. The tart Black Cherry top notes provide an exciting introduction that gives way to a decadent heart of Crème Anglaise and Vanilla. Sandalwood base notes wrap you in a final musky embrace. Sunset Poems is the perfect everyday fragrance for feeling confident and seductive from morning to night.

Each 3.4oz mist provides over 300 sprays, allowing you to luxuriate in these fine fragrances for months. A quick spritz on your pulse points as part of your morning routine, before a date, or when getting ready for a night out will leave you smelling beautiful.

This gift set also makes a fantastic present for the women in your life. Surprise your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, or friend with three beautiful scents she can wear based on her mood. The chic box makes a pretty presentation she will be delighted to receive.

Benefits & Uses:

  • Includes 3 exquisite women’s fragrances – Timeless Dreams, Luna Kisses, and Sunset Poems
  • Each 3.4oz mist provides over 300 sprays
  • Romantic, playful, and seductive scent combinations
  • Perfect for layering and wearing on pulse points
  • Makes a beautiful gift set for all occasions
  • Add a spritz as part of your morning routine or before going out
  • Cruelty-free and vegan friendly
  • Blends fruits, flowers, and sensual notes
  • Allows you to switch up your scent based on mood
  • Provides months of fine fragrance enjoyment

Timeless Dreams Notes:
Top – Cherry Blossom
Heart – Peach, White Jasmine
Base – Musk

This romantic fragrance opens with the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms, followed by juicy peach and white jasmine. Timeless Dreams captures new love and transports you to realms of fantasy. Wear it for date nights, weddings, or anytime you want to feel magical.

Luna Kisses Notes:
Top – Melon
Heart – Plum, Freesia
Base – Amber, Vanilla

A mouthwatering combination of fruits enveloped in flowers. Succulent melon and sweet plum mingle with the romantic charm of freesia in this fanciful blend. Luna Kisses empowers your inner moon goddess – confident, sexy, and irresistible.

Sunset Poems Notes:
Top – Black Cherry
Heart – Crème Anglaise, Vanilla
Base – Sandalwood, Musk

Warm your senses with this sophisticated blend. Tart black cherry and rich crème anglaise swirl with sensual vanilla and sandalwood. Sunset Poems caresses you in gourmand decadence touched with musky mystique. Wear it to feel glamorous from day to night.

Treat yourself to a sensory experience with the Clean-n-Fresh body spray gift set. The beautiful packaging and exquisite scents make this an ideal gift for any occasion or just for everyday luxury. Click “Add to Cart” now to elevate your fragrance collection!


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