Clean-n-Fresh 3-Pack Body Sprays for Women – Cherry Blossom, Midnight Love & The Stars (3 x 3.4 fl oz)



Welcome the turn of the season with our luxurious Cherry Blossom body spray. Its delicate floral scent evokes images of pink petals dancing in the spring breeze. Like the blooming of the cherry trees, let this fragrance signify new beginnings and positive change.

When the night falls, transform yourself with our sensual Midnight Love body spray. Its rich blend of berries, jasmine and amber envelops you in femininity and intrigue. Wear it on an evening out with your love and stir the flames of passion.

Reach for the stars with our ethereal The Stars body spray. With a cosmic inspired fragrance, make each moment glow and shine bright. Its addictive scent will keep you feeling celestial all day and night.

OurClean-n-Fresh body sprays contain fine mists that envelope your body in luxurious fragrance. Spritz it on after your morning shower to uplift your mood and boost your confidence for the day ahead. The smooth, quick-drying formula absorbs into skin without stickiness or oiliness. It’s the perfect way to layer your favorite scent and have it last.

Crafted in the USA, our body mists only use cruelty-free ingredients for a formula you can feel good about. Free of parabens, phthalates and other harsh chemicals. The portable 3.4 fl oz bottle is TSA compliant for all your travels.

An ideal gift for all the lovely women in your life. Surprise your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mom, aunt, grandmother or BFF with our set of romantic and trendy fragrances. See her face light up as she experiences these high-quality body mists made with care and love.

Great for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, bridal showers, housewarmings and more. Show you care with the gift of scent. Packaged in a pretty gift box, it makes gift giving easy.

Cherry Blossom Body Spray

Top notes of cherry, lemon, and bergamot
Heart notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose
Base notes of musk, woods, and vanilla
Inspired by the breathtaking cherry blossoms of spring, this body mist blooms with femininity. It opens with a burst of juicy cherry and sparkling citrus. Floral heart notes of jasmine and lily capture the delicate nature of the flowers. Finally, sensual musk, woods and vanilla leaves a trail of beauty.

Spray on this cherry blossom fragrance to greet the new season, refreshed and renewed. Let its joyful and romantic scent brighten your day.

Midnight Love Body Spray

Top notes of blackberry, strawberry, and plum
Heart notes of freesia, jasmine, and rose
Base notes of patchouli, musk, amber, and vanilla
Dress up date night with our alluring Midnight Love body spray. Indulge in its fruity top notes of blackberry, strawberry and plum. Then captivate with the feminine floral heart of freesia, jasmine and rose. Finally, leave a sultry impression with sensual patchouli, musk, amber and vanilla base notes.

Spritz on this tempting body mist before an evening out with your love. Let its seductive fruity-floral scent stir passions.

The Stars Body Spray

Top notes of bergamot, lemon, and green apple
Heart notes of jasmine, lily, and orchid
Base notes of musk, sandalwood, and amber
Wish upon The Stars body spray to make all your dreams come true. Begin with the bright sparkle of bergamot, lemon and apple. Then ascend into the heavens with fragrant jasmine, lily and orchid. Finally land among the stars with musky, woody, and warm amber notes.

Mist on this stellar fragrance to feel celestial all day and night. Let its addictive scent keep you shining bright.

Gift the Luxury of Scent

Treat her to an elevated body care experience with our Cherry Blossom, Midnight Love and The Stars body spray set. She’ll feel pampered with these high-quality fragrances that uplift, captivate and mesmerize.

See her eyes light up as she unwraps these beautifully feminine scents presented in a lovely gift box. Watch her spritz them on throughout the day to feel more confident, happy, and loved.


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