Clean + Easy Calm – After Wax Calming Azulene Oil for Sensitive Skin (2 oz)



Treat your skin to some soothing TLC after hair removal with Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil. Formulated with natural azulene, this ultra-gentle after wax oil helps calm and condition irritated skin while also efficiently removing any leftover wax residue.

An Ultra-Soothing After Wax Skin Saver

Hair removal can be rough on sensitive skin. From ingrown hairs to bumps and redness, the aftermath is often anything but pretty. This is why having a bottle of Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil on hand is a must for soothing stressed skin post hair removal.

Infused with azulene, chamomile, vitamin E and other nurturing botanicals, this lightweight oil formulation helps:

  • Soothe red, irritated skin
  • Calm bumps and inflammation
  • Moisturize without clogging pores
  • Remove wax residue
  • Prevent ingrown hairs

Free of artificial fragrances, parabens and other harsh chemicals, this after wax oil is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. It’s the perfect post-waxing skin saver whether you’ve just had a bikini wax, full body wax, eyebrow waxing or any other hair removal treatment.

Natural Azulene Works Wonders on Irritated Skin

The key soothing ingredient in Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil is azulene, a natural anti-inflammatory agent derived from chamomile. With its rich blue color, azulene has been used for centuries to care for dry, sensitive complexions.

When applied topically, azulene efficiently penetrates skin to provide a cooling, calming effect. It helps reduce redness and inflammation while also stimulating cell regeneration. So if your skin is feeling hot, tight and irritated after hair removal, azulene offers sweet relief.

More Skin-Nurturing Botanicals

In addition to azulene, this post-waxing oil contains other skin-nurturing botanicals like:

  • Vitamin E – Helps repair damage while promoting soft, supple skin.
  • Sunflower Oil – Light, non-greasy moisturizer.
  • Calendula – Soothes and nourishes stressed skin.
  • Comfrey – Stimulates cell regeneration for faster healing.

These natural ingredients work synergistically with the azulene to help soothe, calm and hydrate skin affected by hair removal.

Makes Post-Wax Cleanup a Breeze

In addition to soothing irritated skin, Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil also makes the post-waxing cleanup process easy and effortless.

Thanks to its lightweight texture, this oil easily penetrates and breaks down any lingering wax residue. It leaves skin feeling soft – not sticky – so you don’t have to deal with messy wax clumps stuck to the body.

Simply saturate a cotton pad with the azulene oil and gently sweep over the areas that were waxed. The oil magically dissolves all traces of wax while dissolving into skin.

Tips for Using This After Wax Oil

Here are some tips on how to incorporate Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil into your post-hair removal routine:

  • Apply a thin layer to freshly waxed skin using either hands or a cotton pad. Be sure to avoid rubbing too aggressively.
  • Let the oil soak in for 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water if desired.
  • Use twice daily after waxing for the first 2-3 days. Continue to apply 1-2 times daily as needed to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Mix a few drops with your favorite unscented moisturizer for an extra soothing, hydrating treatment.
  • Stash a bottle in your bag so you can quickly calm just-waxed skin when on-the-go.

Who Can Benefit From This After Wax Skin Soother?

If you get waxed regularly, have sensitive skin or are just looking for a gentle way to care for post-hair removal skin, Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil is for you. It’s the perfect post-waxing product whether you:

  • Tweeze, wax or epilate at home
  • Get professional Brazilians, legs, brows etc. waxed
  • Have sensitive skin that’s easily inflamed
  • Prone to bumps, ingrown hairs or redness from hair removal
  • Want an easy way to remove leftover wax

Both aestheticians and at-home hair removal fans love this botanical after wax oil for soothing stressed skin. It’s gentle enough for the face yet works equally well on the body.

Trusted Brand in Hair Removal Products

With decades of experience behind it, Clean + Easy is widely trusted brand in hair removal products. Their extensive line includes waxes, mitts, epilators and ingrown hair serums.

Clean + Easy waxes are used by professional aestheticians, spas and salons worldwide. But the brand also offers easy-to-use hair removal products and aftercare specially formulated for at-home use.

All Clean + Easy products are proudly made in the USA and never tested on animals. They’re crafted from natural botanicals and gentle enough even for sensitive skin.

Experience Smoother, Comfier Skin After Hair Removal

Ditch the red bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs! With Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil, you can experience smoother, comfier skin after hair removal.

Stock up on this soothing after wax oil to:

  • Calm sensitive skin prone to razor bumps and waxing reactions.
  • Moisturize without clogging pores or causing breakouts.
  • Remove leftover wax easily and effectively.
  • Prevent ingrown hairs around the bikini line, armpits etc.
  • Soothe freshly waxed skin anytime, anywhere.

Treat your post-hair removal skin to some soothing azulene TLC! Add the 2 oz bottle of Clean + Easy Calm Azulene Oil to your skincare routine today.


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