Cirepil Blue Wax – The Original, Gold Standard Hard Wax for Sensitive Skin Hair Removal



Looking for the best hard wax for painless hair removal on all skin and hair types? Search no further than the original and unmatched Cirepil Blue Wax. This professional-grade wax has been the standout choice of estheticians worldwide for over 25 years.

What makes Cirepil Blue Wax so special? Let’s count the ways:

Gentle Yet Effective for Sensitive Areas

Cirepil’s patented polymer formula achieves that elusive sweet spot – strong enough to remove coarse, stubborn hairs yet gentle on delicate skin. The ultra-fluid, gel-like texture envelops each hair strand for quick and easy removal, without sticking to skin.

You can safely use Cirepil Blue Wax on the most sensitive body parts like the face, bikini area, and underarms. The low melting point also means less pain and inflammation. Even those with reactive skin can benefit from this soothing, nourishing formula.

Hassle-Free Hair Removal – No Strips Needed

Cirepil Blue Wax saves you time, money, and frustration. Just heat, apply, and peel off – no strips required! The flexibility of peel-off wax makes hair removal easier on hard-to-strip areas like the knees, elbows, and back.

You’ll also reduce waste without endless strips. Plus, Cirepil’s salon-quality results last longer than shaving, with less stubble and in-grown hairs.

Customizable For All Skin & Hair Types

Some waxes only work on certain hair textures. What sets Cirepil apart is customizable application for all clients:

  • Fine or coarse – The wax adheres perfectly to remove every hair.
  • Short or long – Effective on even shaved or 1/4 inch length hair.
  • Soft or wiry – Encasing stubborn strands for easy release from the follicle.
  • Light or tanned skin – Gentle enough for the most sensitive complexions.

Even better, the Blue Wax can be combined with Cirepil Pre- and Post-Epilation products to create customized hair removal treatments.

Key Benefits of Cirepil Blue Wax

  • Salon-quality hair removal at home
  • Low temperature application for reduced pain
  • Encapsulates hair for easy, efficient removal
  • No sticky residue left on skin
  • Ideal for sensitive areas like face, bikini, underarms
  • Suitable for all skin and hair types
  • Cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free formula
  • Reusable tin with leak-proof lid

How to Use Cirepil Blue Wax Like a Pro

Get the best results from your Cirepil Blue Wax with these pro tips:

1. Heat wax to proper temperature

Use a professional wax warmer to melt wax to a fluid consistency – never overheat! Apply a small test patch first to gauge warmth before applying to larger areas.

2. Prepare the skin

Exfoliate and use Cirepil Pre-Epilation Oil to prime and soothe skin. This helps wax adhere properly to hairs.

3. Apply thin layer of wax

Use a popsicle stick or wax spatula to apply a thin, even coat in the direction of hair growth. Avoid over-applying or letting wax pool.

4. Allow wax to dry

Let the wax set and harden around the hair, but not fully dry. This takes just seconds.

5. Remove wax opposite hair growth

Holding skin taut, flick wrist firmly to pull off wax against the direction of hair growth. Work quickly before wax fully hardens.

6. Repeat if needed

Check for any leftover hairs and spot-treat with another wax application.

7. Cleanse and soothe skin

Post-wax, avoid sun exposure and use Cirepil’s nourishing creams and gels to remove residue and prevent ingrown hairs.

Experience superior hair removal with the original Cirepil Blue Wax. Stock up on this salon staple to reveal your smoothest, most radiant skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on coarse male hair/beards?

Yes, Cirepil Blue Wax can tackle even the thickest beard hair thanks to its viscous texture that encapsulates strands. Always do a patch test first.

Can you use it on the face/upper lip?

Cirepil is gentle enough for delicate facial skin. Avoid eye area. Always do a patch test first.

Does it remove hair from the roots?

Cirepil waxes cling directly to hair follicles for removal from the roots when flicked off correctly. Results last longer than shaving.

Is it safe for Brazilian/bikini waxing?

The Blue Wax is designed for sensitive areas like the bikini region. Its low temperature minimizes pain and irritation.

How long does hair need to be for waxing?

Cirepil waxes work on as short as 1/4 inch length hair. No need to grow it out for weeks!

Can I reuse leftover wax?

Never reuse wax once applied to skin. Always remelt new wax to avoid bacteria buildup. Tightly seal tin between uses.

What’s the shelf life?

Unopened, Cirepil waxes last 2-3 years from production date printed on tin. Opened wax lasts many months with proper storage.

Ready to reveal your best skin ever? Try Cirepil’s original and unmatched Blue Hard Wax today!


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