Christian Dior Women’s Poison Eau de Toilette Spray



Transport yourself to a world of intrigue and desire with Christian Dior Poison Eau de Toilette for Women. Since its launch in 1985, Poison has enthralled generations of fragrance aficionados with its mysteriousblend of spicy, floral notes. This intoxicating women’s perfume opens with an invigorating burst of wild berries and citrus. At its heart lie hypnotic notes of tuberose, opoponax, and carnation, accented by touches of cinnamon and clove. Finally, the scent settles into a sensual base of sandalwood and vetiver.

An Iconic Scent for the Femme Fatale

Poison is the quintessential ’80s power fragrance for the strong, seductive woman. Its bold, opulent aroma conveys luxury and demands attention. This iconic perfume became an instant hit when it debuted in the mid-1980s, and it continues to captivate wearers to this day. The striking flacon, inspired by the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, perfectly encapsulates the fragrance’s allure of temptation and intrigue.

Top Notes of Spicy Berries

The top notes provide an electrifying start to the Poison experience. Juicy oranges and a medley of berries intermingle with aldehydes to create an effervescent, champagne-like effect. Hints of coriander, wild berries, and plum inject a spicy vibrancy, while citrusy notes of bergamot and mandarin orange lend freshness. This exhilarating opening sets the tone for the provocative journey ahead.

A Heart of Exotic Florals

As the fruity top notes subside, an opulent floral heart comes into focus. Sambac jasmine and tuberose form the core, unleashing their full, narcotic intensity. These indolic white flowers give Poison its unmistakable sensual character. Lush May rose entwines with them, adding softness, while spicy carnation and cinnamon immerse you in their warmth. This floral heart beats with drama and exoticism.

Sensual Sandalwood and Vetiver Base

Finally, the fragrance settles into a lingering base of precious woods and aromatic spice. Natural sandalwood conveys a creamy, soft texture, while vetiver roots lend depth and mystery. Touches of opoponax and Peru balsam round out the oriental base with their sweet, earthy balsamic nuances. Together these notes create an addictive trail that lingers for hours on skin.

How to Wear This Seductive Scent

Poison is bold yet sophisticated, making it ideal for romantic evenings out or special events. The Eau de Toilette concentration provides a lighter, more transparent take on the original Parfum formula, perfect for everyday wear. The atomizer produces a fine mist that allows for targeted application. Spray once or twice to the pulse points of your neck and wrists. You’ll leave an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Reapply as needed to refresh the scent throughout the day or night.

Experience a Fragrance Legend

Poison is a timeless emblem of strength, independence, and allure. Let its potent aroma enthral your senses and awaken your inner seductress. This enduring classic from Dior continues to captivate the fragrance world with its unmistakable signature scent. With just one spray you’ll understand why Poison has become a legend in the world of perfume.


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