ChapStick Holiday Let’s Celebrate Christmas Tree Lip Balm Gift Set – Refreshing Peppermint and Holiday Cheer for Soft Lips



The holiday season is here, which means it’s time for festive flavors, decorative packaging, and gifting galore. Add some cheer to your lips this Christmas with the ChapStick Holiday Let’s Celebrate Christmas Tree Lip Balm Gift Set. With four festive 0.15 oz lip balms in a festive gift box, this set has everything you need to keep lips soft and happy all season long.

The star of the show in this Christmas lip balm set is the Candy Cane flavored balm. One swipe of this refreshing peppermint balm will make your lips tingle and put you in the holiday spirit. Made with soothing and moisturizing ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, and vitamin E, this lip balm goes on smooth. It provides instant hydration while protecting your lips from harsh winter weather. The invigorating peppermint oil gives you a cooling sensation and delicious candy cane flavor that will make you smile.

In addition to the candy cane chapstick, you’ll also get three other fan favorite holiday flavors. There’s the classic Cranberry Splash, with its fruity cranberry scent and deep red tint. Frosted Cranberry provides a sheer hint of color along with a lovely candy flavor. And Vanilla Bean combines rich vanilla with a hint of shimmer for soft, supple lips.

All four lip balms come in limited-edition holiday packaging. The balms themselves are shaped like festive Christmas trees and come in boxes decorated with snowflakes, mistletoe, and other seasonal icons. This makes the set perfect for gifting to teachers, coworkers, friends and family. No matter their flavor preference, this holiday lip balm set has them covered.

What sets ChapStick apart from other lip balms is their dedication to lip health and comfort. The brand uses quality ingredients and an advanced formula that helps heal and protect dry, chapped lips. Key ingredients like soothing aloe, moisturizing vitamin E, and SPF for sun protection mean your lips stay healthy and hydrated. The balms glide on smoothly without feeling waxy or gloppy. And they leave lips feeling soft, nourished and holiday ready.

Here are some other reasons to love this Christmas Tree lip balm gift set:

Cute, festive packaging is perfect for gifting or storing in your purse, desk or locker. The decorative tins add holiday cheer wherever you keep them.
Portable balm size makes it easy to keep your lips moisturized on the go. Toss one in your bag for smooth lips at work, school, travel and more.
Four delicious holiday flavors to suit any taste or mood. Pick your favorite flavor of the day or alternate between them.
Limited-edition set only available during the holiday season. Get your hands on these festive balms before they’re gone for the season!
Cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free formula is gentle on lips.
Affordable price makes this a budget-friendly stocking stuffer, white elephant or secret Santa gift.
With the ChapStick Holiday Let’s Celebrate Christmas Tree Lip Balm Gift Set, you’ll have soft, healthy lips all season long. The moisturizing formula keeps dryness and chapping at bay, while the fun flavors and scents add joy to your daily routine. Give the gift of smooth, supple lips with this festive holiday lip balm collection. Your lips will thank you!

Keep Lips Soft for Christmas Cookie Baking and Sipping Hot Cocoa

The holiday season means lots of opportunities for dry, chapped lips. There’s exposure to cold, dry air when ice skating, sledding and building snowmen. Drinking hot cocoa and eating baked goods by the fire. And constant smiling for family photos and caroling. It all takes a toll on your lips!

That’s why having the ChapStick Holiday Christmas Tree Lip Balm Gift Set on hand is so useful. The four moisturizing balms will help heal and protect your lips no matter what festive activities are on your calendar.

Before heading outside to select the perfect Christmas tree or go caroling through the neighborhood, apply a layer of the soothing Cranberry Splash or Vanilla Bean lip balm. The moisturizing beeswax will shield your lips from harsh winds, while the fruity flavors add cheer.

If you’re tasked with taste-testing dozens of Christmas cookies straight out of the oven or sipping mug after mug of creamy peppermint hot cocoa, your lips are bound to dry out. Reach for the Candy Cane ChapStick before and after all your baking and snacking to prevent chapping and keep your lips comfortable. The cooling mint flavor will feel fantastic after all those sweets!

Don’t let painful, cracked lips put a damper on your Christmas spirit. Stash the pocket-sized holiday lip balms around the house and in your purse or coat pocket. That way your lips will stay smooth and moisturized no matter how hectic the holidays get. Your lips deserve TLC, so gift them some holiday ChapStick!

Give the Gift of Healthy, Happy Lips

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be tricky. But here’s an easy crowd-pleaser: lip balm! Especially during the winter months, lip balm makes a practical and affordable gift. And the ChapStick Christmas Tree Lip Balm Gift Set takes gifting to a festive new level.

Firstly, the holiday-themed packaging makes this set ideal for Christmas gifting. The decorative red and green boxes tied with a bow say “Happy Holidays!” at first glance. Santa himself would be delighted to find this cheery gift set in his stocking on Christmas morning!

But it’s not just about the cute packaging. ChapStick is a classic lip balm brand that works. The rich formula hydrates and heals dry lips, leaving them soft and moisturized. So you’re not just gifting a gimmick – you’re providing lasting lip care.

The variety of flavors makes this lip balm set a crowd-pleaser. Choose Cranberry Splash for your sister who loves anything fruity. Give Frosted Cranberry to your glitter-loving niece or cousin. Cool and minty Candy Cane is ideal for guys who need lip protection. And the sweet Vanilla Bean works for anyone on your list with a sweet tooth.

At just $10 for four quality lip balms, this ChapStick set is budget-friendly without looking cheap. The gift box dressing it up for the holidays makes it look far more expensive than it is. Teachers, coworkers, friends – everyone will be thrilled with this thoughtful gift.

Give your loved ones healthy, happy lips this holiday season with the ChapStick Christmas Tree Lip Balm Gift Set. These moisturizing balms will soften and protect lips during the harsh winter months. It’s a present they’ll actually use and appreciate all season long!

Frequently Asked Questions

What flavors are included in this Christmas lip balm set?

This holiday gift set includes four festively packaged lip balms in wintery flavors: Candy Cane (peppermint), Cranberry Splash (cranberry), Frosted Cranberry, and Vanilla Bean.

How many lip balms come in the Christmas Tree gift set?

Each gift set comes with four 0.15oz lip balms shaped like Christmas trees and packaged in a decorative gift box.

What is the Candy Cane ChapStick made of?

Key ingredients in the Candy Cane ChapStick include moisturizing beeswax and shea butter, smoothing emollients, and refreshing peppermint oil for aroma and flavor.

Are these lip balms limited edition?

Yes, the fun holiday flavors and packaging are only available for the Christmas season each year. Once sold out, they won’t be available again until next holiday season.

Can men use these Christmas lip balms too?

Absolutely! While the cranberry and vanilla flavors appeal more to women, the Candy Cane has universal appeal. Anyone can benefit from the lip healing and protection these balms provide.

Do these lip balms contain gluten, parabens, or other harsh additives?

No, this holiday ChapStick gift set is gluten-free, paraben-free, and formulated without any harsh additives. The balms hydrate and heal lips using gentle, caring ingredients.

What is the best way to use these Christmas lip balms?

Apply generously to clean, dry lips as needed to maintain smoothness and moisture. For best results, put a layer on before heading out in cold weather and reapply after eating, drinking, or wiping lips.


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