BTYMS 100 Pcs Disposable Eyelash Spoolies Brush Mascara Applicator Lash Wand for Salon or Home Use



Tired of clumpy, messy lashes? It’s time to say goodbye to the frustration and welcome the perfect eyelash separation tool – BTYMS Disposable Eyelash Spoolies! This pack of 100 disposable eyelash brushes is a must-have for flawlessly separated lashes.

These handy little wands feature a bristle brush tip that gently combs through lashes to divide and define. The soft bristles glide smoothly between lashes to separate and evenly distribute mascara. No more clumps or messy smudges! The brushes are specially designed with a slight curve so they hug the lash line perfectly.

Using a clean spooly before and after mascara application ensures stunning, fanned out lashes every time. The bristles grab every tiny lash and coats them evenly from root to tip. The brushes flawlessly separate both top and bottom lashes for a wide eyed look.

With the BTYMS Disposable Eyelash Spoolies, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Here are just a few of the key benefits:

Separate Lashes Perfectly

Bristle brush head gently combs through lashes
Divides and separates each lash for a fanned out look
Coats each lash evenly from base to tip
No more clumping, smudging or messy lashes
Designed for Optimal Use

Slight curve hugs lash line for easy use
Durable polypropylene handle for comfortable grip
Disposable wands are ideal for sanitary use
Pack of 100 will last a very long time
Use Before and After Mascara

Comb through lashes before applying mascara
Ensures product glides on smoothly for even coverage
Brush through lashes after mascara to separate
Prevents clumping and eliminates excess product
For Salon or Home Use

Perfect for professional makeup artists/salons
Great addition to makeup kit for home use
Ensures flawlessly separated lashes every time
Creates defined, fanned out lashes effortlessly
Premium Quality

Made from smooth polypropylene and soft bristles
Durable construction for comfortable application
Disposable brushes for hygienic use
Provides simple yet effective lash separation
Upgrade your lash routine with the BTYMS Disposable Eyelash Spoolies today! No makeup kit is complete without these must-have lash separators. The bristle brush applicators make achieving stunning lashes easy with just a few sweeps.

Say goodbye to the daily frustration of clumpy mascara and hello to wide eyed, fluttery lashes. With the disposable spoolies, you can swipe on your favorite mascara knowing your lashes will be perfectly fanned out and separated. Defined, flirty lashes are just a brush away!

What’s Included

100 Disposable Eyelash Spoolies
10 cm polypropylene handles with bristle brush tip

How to Use

Before Mascara:

Start with clean, dry lashes
Gently brush spoolie from lash base to tip
Wiggle lightly between lashes to separate
Brush top and bottom lashes
After Mascara:

Apply mascara as usual
Let dry 30 seconds
Brush through lashes to define and separate
Remove any clumps and evenly distribute mascara
Brush top and bottom lashes


Use a fresh spoolie wand for each application for best results
Brush through lashes until they are separated and fanned out
Can also be used on eyebrows to groom, shape and separate brows
Discard after use for proper hygiene

Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are unsatisfied with our eyelash spoolies for any reason, please contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Invest in your beauty routine today with the BTYMS Disposable Eyelash Spoolies. Flawlessly separated lashes are just a brush away!


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