AMZGIRL Diy Lash Extension Kit with 84pcs Reusable Fluffy Lash Clusters and Premium Extension Tools, Easy-to-Apply False Lash Trio for Glamorous Natural Lashes at Home



Get ready to wow with gorgeous fluttery lashes in minutes using the AMZGIRL DIY Lash Extension Kit. This all-in-one kit has everything you need to achieve salon-worthy lashes without the hefty price tag or annoying appointments. Get perfect wispy accent lashes or go bold with full voluminous lashes – the choice is yours!

All The Essential Lash Extension Supplies

The AMZGIRL kit includes 84 reusable cluster lashes in various lengths and curls, lash bond adhesive, seal adhesive, lash remover, and a rose gold lash application set.

The premade cluster lashes range in length from 8-12mm and have both natural and dramatic styles to mix and match. Just a few clusters create a subtle daytime look, while a full set rivals falsies. The lightweight clusters are made with premium synthetic silk fibers for a soft and comfortable feel that moves naturally with your eyes.

Our smudge-proof latex-free lash bond ensures strong hold throughout wear without damaging natural lashes. The seal adhesive keeps clusters bonded for multiple wears so you get more use from each set. Gentle yet effective lash remover breaks down glue easily when you are ready for a fresh set.

The rose gold applicator set has everything needed to apply clusters precisely. The tweezers have a short slant tip for picking up even tiny lashes and rounded tip for protecting natural lashes. A lash wand smoothes clusters into place and separates lashes.

3 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Lashes

Getting a salon-worthy look is simple with AMZGIRL lash extensions:

Step 1: Use lash tweezers to pick up a small cluster of 3-4 lashes. Dip the ends into lash bond adhesive.

Step 2: Apply onto natural lash as close to the lash line as possible. Use the wand to press and form lashes into shape.

Step 3: Repeat with additional clusters, building from the outer eye inward. Apply seal over extensions once done.

With a few practice tries, you will perfect your technique and be applying pretty clusters like a pro! Reapply seal adhesive every 2-3 days to maintain hold. Use lash remover when ready for removal or a fresh set.

Flaunt Gorgeous Lashes Anytime

AMZGIRL lash extensions make it easy to wake up to glamorous lashes every day or get party-ready eyes in minutes. Skip the hassle of falsies and expensive salon trips. Our all-inclusive kit has everything to create any look.

Flaunt flirty fluttery lashes on vacation, girls night out, date night, weddings and any special occasion. The lightweight comfortable clusters move seamlessly with natural motion. Your luxurious lashes will have everyone guessing they are professionally done!

The reusable clusters provide more wear than disposables. With proper care, each set lasts 5-10 applications so you get months of use from one kit. At a fraction of the salon price, you can change up your look anytime.

We Stand Behind Our Lash Extension Kits

AMZGIRL strives to provide premium quality eyelash extension kits for DIY lash looks at home. We use only quality materials for soft durable lashes and long-lasting adhesives. Our rose gold applicators are designed for easy precise application.

We offer exceptional customer service and will promptly address any product concerns. Try our lash extensions risk-free with our money-back guarantee. We want you to love your lashes!

Get glamorous salon-worthy lashes in minutes at a fraction of the price with the AMZGIRL DIY Lash Extension Kit. Everything needed for gorgeous fluttery eyes is included in this all-in-one set. It’s easy, affordable and fun! Order your kit today and get ready to wow with luxurious lashes.


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