Acme Men’s Mystique Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray 8.1oz



Introducing the new Acme Men’s Mystique Cologne Eau De Toilette. This sensual and sophisticated fragrance for men combines fresh, aromatic notes with warm woods and musk to create a bold yet refined scent. Housed in a sleek and modern bottle, Mystique Cologne makes a statement wherever it goes.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Basil

Heart Notes: Geranium, Lavender, Nutmeg

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Musk, Amber

Acme’s Mystique Cologne opens with a burst of citrus from bergamot and mandarin orange, grounded by aromatic basil. The heart blooms with floral geranium and herbal lavender, warmed by spices like nutmeg. Finally, the base reveals rich sandalwood and earthy vetiver, blended with musk and amber for a sensual finish.

This dynamic yet sophisticated fragrance transitions seamlessly from day to night. The top notes create an invigorating daytime scent, while the heart and base notes become more prominent in the evening for a warm, enveloping aroma. Mystique Cologne is perfect for the modern, confident man who wants a versatile signature scent.

An Iconic Scent Reimagined

Inspired by the original 1966 fragrance, Acme’s new Mystique Cologne pays homage to this iconic scent while giving it a contemporary twist. We kept the beloved warm, woody character of the original but added brighter citrus and aromatic accords for a more well-rounded, modern fragrance.

Quality That Lasts

Mystique Cologne is crafted with care using quality ingredients for a long-lasting scent you can rely on. The fragrance contains 8.1 oz of cologne, perfect for home use or while travelling. It is concentrated at Eau de Toilette strength to provide excellent projection and longevity on skin.

How to Apply

Apply Mystique Cologne to pulse points like the wrists, neck, and chest. The warmth of your skin will help radiate the scent. For a light fragrance, use 1-2 sprays. For a stronger aroma, use 3-4 sprays. Avoid rubbing wrists together after application in order to not crush the top notes. Reapply as needed throughout the day to refresh the scent.

Versatile and Sophisticated

With its blend of fresh citrus, aromatic herbs, warm woods, and musk, Mystique Cologne can complement any occasion. The vibrant top notes create an invigorating daytime scent perfect for the office or daytime events. As the heart and base notes emerge, the fragrance becomes more warm, woody, and sensual for evening wear.

Mystique Cologne’s sophisticated character also makes it a great signature scent. The blend of citrus, florals, spices, and woods creates an intricate, layered fragrance that is noticeable but not overpowering. This versatility also allows it to suit any season or setting.

Whether you need an office staple, a date night go-to, or an everyday signature scent, Acme’s Mystique Cologne has you covered. Its bold, complex aroma makes a statement while still remaining refined enough for any occasion.

What Customers Are Saying

“This cologne is amazing! It’s fresh but also musky and warm at the same time. I get compliments whenever I wear it.”

“I’ve been wearing the original for years but wanted something a bit more modern. This new version perfectly captures the essence of the original while giving it some new twists. Love it!”

“Sophisticated but not stuffy. This is definitely my new go-to for both daytime and evenings out.”

Experience the contemporary reinvention of a timeless classic with Acme’s Men’s Mystique Cologne. This bold, versatile fragrance will become your new signature scent for any occasion. Order now and smell sophisticated wherever you go.


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