1000pcs Hair Styling Kits for Girls and Women – Elastic Bands, Braiding Tools, Clips and More



Give your hair endless styling possibilities with this all-in-one hair styling kit. With over 1000 clear elastic bands, it has all the essentials for creating fun and fashionable hairstyles. The kit includes:

1000+ clear elastic bands – No more headaches or pulling from regular hair ties! These gentle, no damage elastics keep hair securely in place without breakage. Available in multiple sizes to match any hairstyle.
2 Topsy Turvy styling tools – Weave, twist and loop hair with ease. The stiff ends help pull hair through for uniform styling, while the flexible middles allow just enough give to create pretty plaits, ponytails and buns without crimping hair.
1 rat tail comb – Detangle and style with this durable charcoal comb. The long tail helps precisely section and part hair, while the wide teeth gently smooth out tangles. Use for teasing, wet styling, color application and more.
1 hair tie cutter – Remove ponytails and buns in a split second with no pulling or damage. Just slip the cutter under the elastic and snip for quick, painless relief.
2 duckbill clips – Clip up and secure sections while styling the rest of the hair. The strong grip keeps hair neatly tucked away with no slipping.
Everything an aspiring stylist needs for trendsetting looks! Create beautiful braids, ponytails, buns, half updos and so much more. Perfect for girls and women with all hair types and lengths. Complete your collection with this comprehensive hair styling kit.


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